Miss Aniela

The Parrot Room

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As she let the wild flock freely descend into her dwelling and upon her very body and face - open to either attack or caress - she found within herself the place she began to see her real self, and there, a paradise.

The Parrot Room 2022 is a fine art limited edition print by British artist, Miss Aniela, who named the piece after the room it was shot in. The space itself features a painting by Frans Snyders, in the amazing Holkham Hall of England where the artist staged a fine-art fashion shoot with model Gina Harrison and stylist Claudia Walter.

The artist took elements from both theatre costumes and fashion designers to capture the beauty of the renaissance period era. The final surrealistic scene is comprised of tropical green parrots, palm tree bedposts and a mix of deep-toned colours shot in the Cayman Islands and taken from a mix of stock imagery.

The artist mentions; "It took a good few surreal ideas to finally settle on the tropical elements, and as we shot the model in this room in 2017, it took 5 years for me to select and finalise the right choices. I adore using green in my work, and the green of the dress and parrots, combined with the rich red of the room - makes it a personal favourite of mine from Surreal Fashion."