Stuart McAlpine Miller

Split Personality

Prices from   £2,628.00
10% of every artwork from this series that is sold will be directly donated to the Lumos Foundation, a charity that fights for every child’s right to a family by transforming care systems around the world. 


Stuart has created a series of eleven Harry Potter-inspired paintings using his signature Pop Art style under license from Warner Brothers, entitled 'Revelations: A Portrait of Magic'.

Hermione's two personalities appear here, shown by her two guises. The paintings are both complex and beautiful. The symbols of the rays coming from underneath suggest her development as she matures and transforms the opinions of those around her.

The text reading 'Reflect' invites the viewer to see Hermione as a mirror image. Hermione's face is shaded in Gryffindor house colors on the left, while on the right, we see a Hermione who is no longer defined purely by her academic achievements. Stuart's abstract representation of Hermione's growth and development defines the character's confidence in her own abilities.