Alexander Lee Reagan



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Edition of 24
Medium Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320gsm
Image size 50 x 50 cm
Paper size 50 x 50 cm


A fun character based on the kids’ toy 'Operation'. Juxtaposing what is supposed to be a direct representation of innocence to the idea of consumerism, the broken character is meant to represent the effect that desire has on the uncorrupted mind.

The left leg of the individual is grounded into a non branded boot, whereas the right leg is dislocated in the middle, meant to represent how false desire will tear a human being apart internally. Manifesting physical reality into what is meant to be a false attachment to happiness, one is able to see the specific ways in which consumerism has eaten away at the character’s mind i.e. the chunks taken out of its physical head, as well as the impacts on its anatomy.