Pablo Picasso

La Fille De L'Artiste a Deux Ans Et Demie Avec Un Bateau


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Edition of 1000
Medium Lithograph
Image size 
15.75 x 24.5 in
Paper size 
15.75 x 24.5 in


A spirited Maya Picasso, aged two-and-a-half, is the subject of this vivid portrait from 1938. Painted only months after he had finished his harrowing Guernica, this picture clearly evidences that Maya, daughter of Marie-Thérèse Walter, was a great source of joy in Picasso's life. The baby girl presented new and delightful artistic challenges for her father. Picasso's palette for this picture captures the liveliness and playfulness of Maya's nursery. For the background he has chosen a robin's egg blue, which he also uses for the highlights of her blonde hair. He depicts her holding a favourite toy boat, which features in other portraits from this time, and a colourful pinwheel in her chubby hand. This colourful, boisterous print by Pablo Picasso showcases his talent as a proponent of Cubism.

Now 86 years old, Maya lives in Paris, has three children, and is also one of Picasso’s five surviving heirs, alongside Marina. Maya recalls watching her father paint Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O) which set a record in 2015 for a work sold at auction at a closing bid of $179.4 million.


This original lithograph forms part of the Marina Picasso Estate Lithograph Collection, which has been hand-printed by a traditional multi-plate method using one single plate for each colour. This work of art was produced under the strict supervision of the famous Chromist, Laurent Marcel Salinas (1913-2010) who was a Master Printer in his own right and worked very closely with Pablo Picasso throughout his life and produced some of the artist`s finest original prints. This Special Edition was limited to 1,000 copies which were published and released between 1979 and 1982. - several years after the artist’s death - as a posthumous edition.