Joe Charman

It Takes Courage




Joe Charman works with a blend of street art techniques, on a single canvas to achieve his final product, which often incorporates a mix of; spray cans, acrylic paints, paint pens, rollers, stencils, oil sticks and paste-ups.

"Courage the cowardly dog takes center stage for this piece. A cartoon character that over the years has meant more and more to me. Not only a great cartoon for kids but as an adult, I really started to relate to him more, with his crippling anxiety, his nervous disposition, and general fear of the unknown matched with his internal courage that allowed him to overcome obstacles that scared him, hes now someone I can relate too."

"This is actually my second courage painting, the first one was done as one of my first social media art posts and it went viral. Gaining over 14 million views online and setting me up for this fantastic new art career. It took courage for me to start to share my art with my social media followers, the fear of the unknown. But finding that internal courage has led to nothing but positive vibes. To celebrate this new milestone I had to include him in this collection."