Stuart McAlpine Miller

Hypnotic Reveal (Mixed Media Original)


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This collection is comprised of a unique set of mixed media original artworks. The canvases are printed using a giclee printing technique which the artist then paints over, adding different features and individual characteristics each time.

Some prints include detailing on the artwork canvas, others as hand painted frames and in some instances both. Each piece is unique and produced at the artists discretion, making each artwork totally bespoke and individual.


Professor Snape commands our respect due to his dark and mysterious nature. His two wands symbolize the double life he lived- appearing to be the archetypal villain, while in fact being the consummate hero.

By layering Harry's different guises over Snape's central figure, the artist makes reference to the layers of the character's personality- Snape fulfilling the role of the protective figure, despite his cold exterior. The character becomes a willing human barrier standing guard over Harry. Using light to create a cross behind Snape, as well as the stylised angular light around his head, the artist carries connotations of religious iconography – specifically the ultimate sacrifice, martyrdom.