David Sheldrick

Colōris #12

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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can represent ownership in almost anything, from digital art to visual real estate. Owning the NFT-backed original file of an image is very different than simply owning an image or animation on our computer. NFTs are original digital artworks from artists with monetary value.


David Sheldrick is a British Korean photographer. Born & raised in London, Sheldrick graduated from London College of Fashion in BA (Hons) Fashion Photography. Sheldrick has since made the transition from a fashion photographer to a commercial director, holding a solo exhibition and mixed exhibitions throughout Korea and St Petersburg for his photography. Sheldrick is now turning his focus to NFTs, focusing on colour and abstraction.  He focuses on the smaller level of how nature is working, taking this into a controlled environment and seeing the organic way in which this reacts. His work, therefore, is a combination of the natural forms with the physics of how the light shapes the image.  These organic forms are very important in Sheldrick practice as he states, ‘there are some things you can control and some things you cannot, but if you disconnect yourself, you can see the beauty’.