Alexander Lee Reagan



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Edition of 24
Medium Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320gsm
Image size 50 x 50 cm
Paper size 50 x 50 cm


An abstract character adapting to the tech world, showing each unique transition that the character must go through in order to immerse himself with what is modern. With the character juxtaposed against the red “adapt” symbol, it is clear that his main goal is to be in a state of change, especially with the current pace in which society is moving.

With the asymmetry of the character's ears, the left is a representation of how one must listen in society in order to adapt, whereas the right ear, placed directly next to the “adapt” symbol is meant to represent the barrier between humans and the ability to adapt i.e. a closed ear representing a closed mind.

The character's face itself is intended to depict each of the stages one must go through in order to adapt to worldly standards. The right eye of the character blends into his face, which is supposed to show the side of the man which is undeveloped, whereas the left eye shows the character's willingness to embrace the dynamic.