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My story with art began very soon in my life. Ever since I was a kid, I always created art, I was drawing, sketching, and experimenting with different art mediums all the time. At some point I also attended an art course to refine my drawing and painting skills. Having an early start definitely had a positive impact on my journey as an artist as it gave a solid base and knowledge in some fundamentals of art creation. I realized early on that having a creative outlet of any sort is immensely important for me and my well-being. Enduring periods of my life where I didn’t create in any way has simply shown me that art is something I can’t really live without.

I am from the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Croatia is a small country, counting a bit below 4 million residents. The art scene there is really diverse, but also kind of enclosed, in a way. As my journey with art was kind of independent, I never really integrated in the artists subculture that we have here. But I do notice that happening slowly now, as I am starting to collaborate with more Croatian clients and meeting fellow artists from different fields. There is definitely a gap here when it comes to digital art, or more specifically, 3D art. There are digital artists, but I can’t seem to find any that do work similar to mine that aren’t focused on commercial work. It is slightly lonesome, for sure, but it is also a good opportunity as I can fill that gap and gain some traction by being one of the few in the field.

Besides the art course I took when I was younger, up until college, all of my art came from independent learning and teaching myself. I decided to attend a college that is in some way connected with art and its fields. Besides drawing, I also took big interest in film and filmmaking, even joining a film club and learning some of it’s fundamentals. I applied to the Academy of Art in Zagreb, and I got in. But I eventually decided to attend the VERN University in Zagreb, more specifically, the Film, TV and Multimedia course there. Film was something that really interested me and it still does! So studying there was an amazing experience. During my education there, we also did a bit of animation and so my journey with 3D began. For my final project I decided to try and make an animated film using a 3D software, Blender. The film turned out really well and the process of creating it was also a great way to practice and learn. I finished my BA’s and started creating in Blender every single day. 

Working and creating every day for more than two years makes it quite difficult to find inspiration sometimes. I am profoundly inspired by other artists present in the digital space and I have them to thank when it comes to my progress and motivation. Seeing amazing works each day just motivates me to try and get better. I am especially impressed by artists like Beeple, who alongside of making art, also have incredible discipline and decide to do ‘everydays’ (posting one piece of art per day with no breaks). I decided to take on the same challenge. It genuinely helped me improve really fast! 

Other sources of inspiration are films, music and physical art. Inspiration comes in many forms and I try to take it all in. Sometimes it’s just something I encounter in my daily routine. But, when I don’t have any inspiration, I simply sit in front of the computer and start doing whatever. Some of my best work was created like that, with no prior vision, just plain creating for the sake of creating.

Art is simply something that is hard to live without. I need to have a creative outlet to function properly. What started as simple experimentation, became a way to keep track of my work. Finally it gained so much recognition in the past year that now it gained a bigger meaning. People look at my work, send me messages how it impacted them and now my art isn’t something that is just for me, it is something I share with people around me.

I love when people send me messages or comment how my art is inspiring to them. Or even better, when they see my work and they find their own story within it. Being able to invoke emotion, deep thought and inspiration in the eye of the beholder is the purpose I am creating right now. I may have had an idea of what a story of a certain artwork is, but sometimes it has no meaning. And then some random person notices it and gives my art meaning, a story or a feeling. It’s absolutely amazing and it gives me immense joy and motivation to keep creating, even when inspiration is lacking.

To create my art I use a wide variety of softwares, but the main one I work in is Blender. Other programs are Marvelous Designer, Character creator 3, Substance Painter, Mixer, Unreal Engine, Daz, Zbrush and so on… I post produce my art in Adobe Photoshop to give it some final touches. The time it takes me to create one piece of art varies from 20 minutes to a few hours, but mostly it is under an hour. 

My style went through so many phases, it is insane! I was experimenting with subjects, colour palettes, visual finishes, framing, composition, lighting, all while mastering the software at the same time. I always enjoyed blueish, purplish colours and have spent longer periods of time using those, trying to find my style and staple. I tried realism, abstract and ended up going back to my favourite colours and themes, staying on cyber and neon style the longest. It is definitely prone to change in the future, but this style is something I enjoy working on, and I believe my art is now recognisable as mine, as I have been pretty consistent with it.

My artistic process is filled with experimentation! Each phase of the artwork I’m making is simply me trying out different approaches and techniques. I love to play with lighting as I believe knowing how to use lighting in art is so fundamental for a good piece of art. You can make mistakes and that is something that is necessary to accept when creating. Some mistakes are happy and can elevate your work to a new level. 

All my other interests are completely art-focused, so I find it all quite interconnected. Other art forms are an incredible source of inspiration and motivation, so their influence is big. Films hold a dear place in my heart, so perhaps watching and taking in that media has the biggest impact on me and my art.

Space Meerkat

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