Robi Walters

London-born Robi Walters spent last year working in the distinguished position of Aston Martin’s Artist in Residence. He used the time spent in his residency to gather materials recycled from Aston Martin’s main production sites to create inventive, original and provocative works of art. 

The residency also gave Walters the opportunity to collaborate on special projects with Aston Martin’s Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman.

Robi’s first sculpture was created using the contents of his recycling bin over a decade ago, he conceptualised the piece when he began to contemplate human consumption, sustainability and the knock-on effects of consumerism.

The mesmerising works of art he creates are socially charged statements expressed with the forms of sacred geometry, they explore inner space and the calm he seeks in his daily practice of meditating. 

Walters’s collages and paintings are vibrant, high-spirited bursts of colourful expression. His mixed-media artworks are pieced together using unusual materials such as the packaging from household items and broken vinyl LPs amongst other discarded objects.

Robi managed to manifest a spirit of transformation many years ago in turning his own life around, which has led to him using his artistic practices as an echo of that fact. His process of gathering discarded and unwanted objects and giving them a new life, beauty and desire making them ‘wanted’, reflects that spirit.

His most recent collaboration is with Formula 1, a brand that he’s had an affinity with since he was a young boy that developed into a deep admiration for their spirit of innovation and ability to overcome limitations and break new ground.

Many collectors and celebrities have found themselves captivated and fascinated by the mesmerising, colourful collages created by Walters. Collectors of his artworks include Thandie Newton, Stellan Skarsgård, West Ham’s captain Mark Noble, Major Lazor’s Diplo and Jillionaire, and in 2017 he presented a piece to Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt.

Music has also proven to be a major influence for Walters and he has collaborated on pieces with several renowned musicians including U2, Mary J Blige and Sir Paul McCartney in order to raise money for charities.

2 Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge commissioned 3 artworks in 2018 for his London restaurant, Kerridge’s Bar & Grill in the Corinthia Hotel, including 2 bespoke table tops made out of menus people had saved as souvenirs. 

In late 2018, Channel 4 News aired a short documentary about the early years of Robi Walters as part of the ‘Lost Childhood’ series.

 Walters was nominated by The Telegraph in its ‘Amazing 15’ in the Arts and Culture section, named as one of the top creatives in the UK, before later winning the ‘Arts and Culture’ category.

Robi Walters has now opened his own art studio and gallery in London’s Soho and he is continually overcoming any internal and external boundaries in order to achieve his dream and make them a reality.

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