Ricardo Kim

Ricardo Kim is an NFT artist that graduated from FADU - UBA in Argentina as a graphic designer.

Ricard is of Korean descent and Argentinian nationality, his Korean parents having moved to Argentina in search of a better future with more opportunities. Ricardo found that growing up as an Asian minority in a Latin-American culture had a profound effect on his identity.

Having two very different cultural experiences growing up, caused Ricardo to think deeply and question his identity and personal sense of belonging; coming to the conclusion that identity can shift and change, being formed by experiences and context.

Ricardo’s interest in visual art surfaced at a very young age, introduced by his mother who is a former painter and artist. He also attended a Korean academy of Arts in Argentina for a number of years from the age of 10; before deciding on shifting to graphic design instead. From music to visuals, he views the many different forms of artistic expression as an intrinsic part of his development.

The artist’s graphic design career has equipped him with a familiarity with the digital tools that he uses to create his elaborate surreal artworks, basing his work on spontaneous concepts that refer to momentary emotions of curiosity; using a surrealist methodology in their development.

His life experiences and the influences of being bicultural have given him the desire to search through different concepts such as identity and the influence of context on humans, both natural and artificial, as well as the sense of community.

Ricardo Kim creates his artworks with the goal of expressing and communicating with other members of society, adding to the growing human culture. He’s searching for new ways of thinking and social development within the arts; strongly believing that the works of artists can spark the beginnings of new ways of thinking and inspiring others, ultimately growing towards a more acceptable and better society.

Portrait Photograph Of NFT Artist Ricardo Kim

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