Kate Woodman

Kate Woodman was born in Germany to parents that were already involved in the arts, both as opera singers, a career which moved the family to Connecticut, USA, where Kate was raised.

Presently, Kate is based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

With a creative upbringing, Kate’s love of art started whilst she was still a young child, experimenting with drawing and painting regularly but also being drawn to more academic subjects such as science and maths.

It was Kate’s academic interests that led to her starting a career in structural engineering.

Kate’s photographic journey began as a result of her career when in 2011, she was given the opportunity to travel to New Zealand to work on a project investigating the damage caused to buildings from a recent earthquake.

Before too long, Kate started using her camera to capture the inspiring cinematic landscape of New Zealand, and she continued this practice during the weekends whilst she wasn’t working. Her artistic eye and love for photography became very evident at this point.

Photography ticked a lot of boxes for Kate’s creativity; as a youngster, she often found it hard to create artworks without any visual references available, using photography as her medium enabled Kate to see all the individual elements for a piece and work them together to create a cinematic narrative.

Upon returning to the United States, Kate struggled to find the same inspiration in the landscapes in her locale and decided to learn more about the craft of photography, which led her into fashion photography, especially as a means to learn more about lighting.

After some time, Kate returned to New Zealand for work and after looking into some local agencies, she discovered that there wasn’t an abundance of studios or resources available, and went back to her roots of landscape photography, but with the addition of models, used as characters for her scenic shots.

However, Kate didn’t like to inconvenience people and drag models around for early morning hikes to capture an image in a remote area. The artist soon came to the realisation that she could do the hiking by herself and find the perfect settings for her scenes, and photograph the models at a later time, in the comfort of a studio.

The creative spark of an idea drove Kate towards the practice of compositing images, which gave her the freedom and the ability to work when and where she wanted to, and still create the scenes that she visualised, without limitations.

After some time, Kate’s creative life began interfering with her professional life so she made the decision to leave her career as a structural engineer and turn to her art full time, with a focused aim on the commercial market.

Kate managed to hone her style and improve her storytelling ability by combining her love of film, the landscape and beautiful settings with her eye for the emotion and feeling expressed by her characters. Her conceptual photography became more cinematic and was centred around her love for narrative storytelling, emotive colour and vernacular architecture.

Kate’s creative drive is a search for the unattainable, and a strong desire to create something that people can connect with, resonating with the characters in her artworks and becoming involved with the scene.

As Rangefinder’s grand prize winner for several years in succession, Kate Woodman is no stranger to winning awards and being featured in publications, with numerous appearances in industry-leading photography magazines.

The artist has also had a varied clientele of big brands including British Vogue, GoDaddy, Purity Vodka, JBL, Harman Hardon and Saints & Sinners.

In 2019, Kate Woodman founded The Backdrop Studio, where she creates and sells backdrops for other artists to use either as printed backdrops or digital composites. The backdrops themselves are taken from Kate’s own photographic inventory which she then makes more ‘painterly’ in the same way as her own artworks.

Kate has also ventured into the education development world, teaching colour grading and theory, as well as being involved in several photography workshops with artists such as Felix Kunze and Mike Schacht.

"I will continue to teach as long as there is a demand for it, but the primary goal is always the same; in an ideal world I get to create pretty pictures that people want to buy."

Seeing just how sought after Kate Woodman’s work is becoming, and her release of new NFT artworks, that’s a goal that is certainly being achieved by the artist right now.

Portrait Photograph Of NFT Artist Kate Woodman

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