Gregory Prescott

Growing up in Houston, Texas; also living for some years in Brooklyn, New York; Gregory Prescott is a self-taught photographer who currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

His artistic journey began with him studying illustration at college, but in the late 80s, he discovered the photography of Herb Ritts and immediately switched his preferred medium to photography. 

His love of photography as a medium stemmed from it being a more instant art form, he was also intrigued and inspired by the use of light and shapes and this led him to begin his journey as a photographic artist, believing that an artistic eye is something within a person and that technique can be learned.

Prescott’s artistic journey has been driven by his mission to present more diversity in fine art photography, transforming the cultural spectrum with pieces that are both classic and timeless.

His hope is that through his photographic fine artworks, people will be able to further extend their appreciation of the human form, overcoming any taboos associated with the body or nudity and come to the understanding that humans are sensual creatures with a varied range of skin tones, features, hair textures and body types. 

The underlying theme and focus of all of Prescott’s artworks is the beauty and the sensuality of the human form. 

Prescott has exhibited his work at The Whole 9, The LeFlorence, Artistbound and Noho Arts Gallery in La. He has also shown artworks at The Leslie Lohman Museum of Art, Greenpoint Arts and the Lana Santorelli Galleries in New York.


portrait photo of figurative photographer Gregory Prescott

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