Daniela Raytchev

Daniela Raytchev is a Slovakian/Bulgarian contemporary artist currently living in London.

She expresses her undaunted boldness and courage through her paintings and sculpture work, creating pieces that can have a sense of irony despite the seriousness of the meaning, feminine, yet feminist.

Her work illustrates inner battles and conflicts and questions the stigmas associated with certain subjects, all the more so when regarding mental health issues and equal rights. 

Raytchev’s work unflinchingly advocates honesty with an underlying tone of positivity that change is possible. At times her works become interactive and she invites the public to participate, either by interviewing her subjects or creating multimedia artworks.

Her multifaceted creative talent is in part testament to her years studying at some of the world’s most prestigious colleges for art and design; Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, and the London College of Fashion.

Raytchev’s work has been getting international attention and she has taken part in several group shows and science conferences around the world, notably in the UK, the USA, and Russia. She also held a solo exhibition in London’s Notting Hill during the 2015 Frieze Art Fair, which proved to be a great success.

No stranger to the press, Raytchev has been mentioned in a number of national and international press publications including the Times, News Week US, Dazed Digital, Huffington Post, Bullet Media, and Women in Trade Magazine, amongst other publications. 

She has also appeared and been interviewed on national radio in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Her recent and upcoming collaborations include projects with King’s College Addiction Neuroscience Department, a sound installation with renowned British musician, producer and actor Richard Strange, tapestry work for Rug Designer and 100% Design International Exposition, and Purling London Luxury Chess Sets.

One of her most recent achievements was a collaboration with Purling London; her ‘Addictions’ chess set which has been exhibited at the World Chess Hall of Fame Museum in the US, alongside renowned household names including Yoko Ono, Barbara Kruger and Sophie Matisse.

There are numerous high profile individuals and British celebrities that have supported and participated in Raytchev’s work, including Gok Wan, Gail Porter, Shaa Wasmund MBA, and Mel Wells to name a few.

Raytchev has managed to successfully deal with bulimia, this has resulted in her having first-hand experience and awareness of addiction that inspires her to actively raise awareness about mental health issues.

The challenging undertaking of her ‘Progress not Perfection’ project has driven her ongoing enquiry into the human condition, formed a platform for her extensive research and also led her to form a sizable network of neuroscientists, researchers and mental health professionals. 

In 2015/16, Raytchev was awarded the Selected Artist Award for Beat Charity, a charity that supports people with eating disorders. Her efforts in this sector to raise awareness have also helped her in the process of establishing closer working relationships with NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) in the US.

Raytchev’s latest works are evolving and developing a more political and social tone. She has been using her artworks to address her ideologies and support for racial, gender and sexual equality. She also expresses her support for various environmental causes.

In the same fearless manner that Raytchev expressed herself on mental health issues, she boldly questions the position of women within society, encourages equality and promotes the acceptance and empowerment of those less fortunate or discriminated against.

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