Chloe McCarrick

Working on her craft in her studio and darkroom, Chloe McCarrick is a fine art photographer and mixed-media printmaker based in London.

Chloe took her childhood love of photography and fascination with technology, combined it with her curiosity and desire to deconstruct and reconstruct and used these elements to create a very unique and personal art style.

Her creativity took her through childhood and adolescence and into further and higher education where she studied fine art and art history before focusing on photography and lens-based media and printmaking.

After graduating, Chloe went on to lecturing in photography and interactive media, spending almost 8 years working in the further and higher education field before turning it in for a full-time career as a practising and exhibiting artist.

Chloe has become renowned for her circular cyanotypes that highlight influential women, the natural world, science and technology. With female empowerment being one of the main themes behind her work, she often constructs visual narratives of the lives of the extraordinary, trailblazing women of the past and present.

The artist’s work highlights the achievements and uncovers the struggles whilst telling the stories of those often unsung heroes.

The artist uses her art as a platform to empower people with the story behind each piece she creates, allowing the subject matter to ignite the imagination and curiosity of the viewer.

Chloe’s body of work has been the result of extensive intrigue, curiosity and research, as well as experimentation and innovation. By learning the rules of her craft, breaking them down and fusing art forms and techniques together in unique ways, Chloe has added a contemporary slant to the traditional methods of image-making.

No stranger to exhibiting her work, Chloe McCarrick has exhibited internationally, appearing at the prestigious Le Salon Nationale Des Beaux-Art in Paris over the past few years, Affordable Art Fair London and New York, and The Other Art Fair; curated by Saatchi Art, in London and Los Angeles.

She has also exhibited at The InPrint, a celebration of British Contemporary Printmakers and Every Woman Biennial, London.

Chloe was nominated as a Rising Star both for Saatchi Art - The Other Art Fair and The Crafts Council UK in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

She has work held in the permanent heritage collection for Le Salon Des Beaux Arts Foundation in Paris.  

Portrait photograph of artist Chloe McCarrick

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