Björn Persson

Based in Stockholm, Sweden; Björn Persson is an internationally acclaimed and renowned artist.

Persson’s passion for wildlife was born as he trained in field care and worked with anti-poaching teams in South Africa, in doing so he discovered just how critical the situation of wildlife was. Having first-hand experience caused him to develop a deep-seated desire to do something about it.

Bjorn has dedicated his life and his work to raising awareness of the situations of endangered species and he uses his photographic fine art as a platform to speak out and combat wildlife poaching, as well as raising and donating substantial amounts of money towards wildlife conservation efforts.

He has spent a great number of years travelling around the world, capturing the souls of wildlife and translating their wisdom through his unique approach to wildlife photography. 

Not interested in settling on the pure documentary style of wildlife photography, Bjorn Persson wants to touch people on a personal and emotional level, and move them to act.

Persson is committed to his goal of inspiring people to engage, he creates his artworks with the intention of them resonating with the viewer on a highly emotional level, without his photography causing despair in terms of the threats faced by many species.

 His message is to portray the beauty and majesty of nature and wildlife, encouraging a social commitment to make the necessary changes. His belief is that a true change for a better planet needs to begin in the hearts of mankind.  

Bjorn is the founder of the non-profit Here Forever Foundation, which was set up as a platform to raise awareness of wildlife conservation as well as inspire people to engage and work towards change. He is also the chairman of the Smart Savannahs Foundation.

His work has been exhibited all over the world in notable and prestigious galleries as well as museums, including the Natural History Museum in London. He has work currently displayed in various galleries around the world. Persson has also been featured in a vast amount of well-known wildlife publications, including National Geographic.

He recently released his second photography book ‘Beauty Will Save the World’, which follows up his first release ‘The Real Owners of the Planet’. His third photographic art book will be released in 2022 and will finish this book trilogy that documents man’s affinity to nature.


Portrait photograph of wildlife photographer Bjorn Persson

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