Alexander Lee Reagan

Born in Tokyo, spending his childhood in London and Aspen, Colorado, Alexander Lee Reagan is an artist who now lives and works in Venice Beach, California.

Although acquiring some of his education at UnCollege, Alexander is a self-taught artist who has learned and honed his craft over years of experimentation and development, pushing the boundaries of media and materials in his makeshift home studio.

He focuses on the ever-changing world and the shifting trends of society with artworks that capture the attention of the viewer, challenge their viewpoints and evoke a wide range of emotions and moods.

Comedy, drama, art, music, politics, no topic is out of bounds and the same rule applies to media, working with a variety of mixed media including plaster, cement, steel, spray paint, acrylics.

This emerging artist also has a passion for sustainability and demonstrates this through his eco-fashion design work, revitalising common materials. 

Alexander’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Los Angeles as well as Aspen, Colorado.


Portrait photograph of artist Alexander Lee Reagan

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