Sigvaldi Friðarsonur is an artist with work held at the Portuguese Museum of Photography and the art library in the Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon. An artist who managed to combine his experience as an art director with his passion for photography, turning it into a personal expression of love for landscapes that has led him to travel the world.

Sigvaldi Friðarsonur works in a black and white landscape photography style. Friðarsonur’s artistic process is one of great depth, a search for answers to questions and a quest that leads him wandering through landscapes all over the world, camera in hand, looking to find stories to tell. 

His work draws inspiration from a passionate love of travelling and exploring, using photography as a means to capture and document the various cities and landscapes he visits. Friðarsonur’s work is also heavily influenced by Ansel Adams, a photographer whose work he studied and regularly draws inspiration from.