Robi Walters

Robi Walters is an artist who has captivated collectors, celebrities and brands, named as one of the ‘top creatives in the UK’ by the Telegraph. An artist with the ability to capture the essence of transformation, Robi Walters manages to give new life as well as a newfound sense of beauty and awe to the everyday objects that are simply discarded by most.

Robi Walters works in a Mixed Media Abstract style. Walters’ artistic process involves him using discarded waste materials to communicate the art of transformation; creating a unique commentary on consumerism, consumption and waste. His mixed-media artworks consist of unusual materials including the packaging of household items and broken vinyl LPs. 

In the creation of his artworks, Walters arranges the fragments of his collected materials into lotus-like forms that reflect his interest in meditation and sacred geometry. His work draws inspiration from art movements such as Pop Art and Arte Povera, and are also influenced by his childhood interests in the graffiti and breakdance culture of New York’s hip-hop scene.

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