Ricardo Kim

Ricardo Kim is an NFT artist that has turned his attention to creating surreal digital artworks after 14 years of working as a graphic designer. As an experienced graphic designer, the digital tools of the trade come with a confident familiarity for this artist that uses his work to question identity in a playful and surrealist manner.

Ricardo Kim works in a Surreal art style. Ricardo’s artistic process begins with him thinking about a message to convey, usually with a focus on identity. He starts by making several digital sketches before entering a more surrealist process. He takes one of his sketches and uses digital manipulation to make it more complex and more visually interesting, sometimes making multiple artworks from a single sketch. 

His work draws inspiration from life experiences and childhood memories, as well as cultural expressions which are found in many different forms including cartoons, books, music, movies, and pop culture. Contemplating the topic of identity and asking existential questions are also a source of inspiration for this artist.