Pie Herring

Pie Herring is a London-based artist who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a First-Class honours degree in painting, and whose work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions. As well as being awarded the Carnegie scholarship, Pie’s work has been shown in the ‘Young London Painters’ group show, the Royal Scottish Academy’s New Contemporaries Exhibition in 2019, and in New York’s High Line Nine Gallery.

Pie Herring works in a Figurative Art style. Pie’s artistic process usually begins with her collecting photos. Once in the studio, Pie’s oil paintings begin with a dynamic large-brushstroke landscape of paint turpentine puddles. She then considers the figural composition in relation to the field of paint, exploring the synergy of gestural mark-making and detailed brushwork.

Her work draws inspiration from observation of her surroundings, particularly focused on the facets of everyday life. Pie enjoys exploring tender portrayals of human and societal issues, putting an emphasis on interconnection and emotion. She is influenced by artists such as Jenny Saville, Flora Yukhnovich, Francois Bard, Trey Abdella, and Justin Mortimer.