Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist who worked in numerous media and a variety of styles,   known as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and the co-creator of Cubism. The most well-known name in the modern art world, Picasso is an artist whose distinctive style and innovative drive for artistic creation have had a long-lasting impact on the art world. A prolific artist thought to have made around 50,000 artworks in his lifetime.

Pablo Picasso most notably worked in the style of Cubism. Picasso’s artistic process was both experimental and prolific. He turned his hand to numerous media including painting, sculpture, monotype, etching, linocut, and lithography to name just a few. He constantly and consistently endeavoured to break boundaries and explore new ways of describing form. 

His work drew inspiration from a vast range of sources and these differed throughout the artist’s long life. He cited beautiful women as being his inspiration and another notable influence on Picasso’s work is the African masks and sculptures that led to his co-invention of Cubism.


The Marina Collection 

The lithographs featured in the Zeno Fine Art collection including ‘Femme au Balcon and ‘La Fille De L’Artiste a Deux Ans Et Demie Avec Un Bateau’ form part of the Marina Picasso Estate Collection. These artworks have been hand-printed using a traditional method of multi-plate colouring, under the strict supervision of Marcel Salinas; one of Picasso’s closest creative partners.

The Marina collection is the personal collection of Picasso’s granddaughter, Marina Picasso and it was with her permission that this posthumous edition of prints was published between 1979-82, several years after the artist’s death. The artworks themselves document important women in Picasso’s life, including fellow artist Dora Maar and his beloved daughter, Maya.

Picasso was a firm believer that “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” and he demonstrated this belief clearly by reflecting his models as a whole in his portraits. Picasso used line, form and colour to show his sitter as he perceived them, not just how they looked.

Picasso’s way of seeing the world and his ability to transfer his internal understanding and perceptions onto canvas through paint is a feat of admiration for both the medium and the matter. 

There is brilliance in these portraits, the vibrant and expressive forms give these artworks an energy and life that showcases just how much the Marina Collection is something to take great pride in.