Mr. Controversial

Mr. Controversial is a London-based artist who uses oil paint and screen printing techniques to transform vintage imagery into a satirical commentary on the digital world. This artist lives up to his creative pseudonym through the controversial nature of his work, calling out and poking fun at the first-world problems obsessed over by the digital generation; from lifestyle choices and fear of gluten to social media fame.  

Mr. Controverisal works in a Pulp Fiction Art style. The artistic process begins with consuming and analysing targeted content; reverse-engineering the success of the internet memes that gain the most traction. Taking data and recreating it as an artwork with a focus on authenticity. Using oil paints, and screen printing, this artist fuses vintage imagery with traditional fine art and relatable captions that tell comical, satirical, and sometimes dark stories. 

His work draws inspiration from exploring the notion of individualism in a politically correct world; also his passion for crafting engaging visual communication, drawing from his experience in the advertising industry, the artist understands the psychology and science behind the things we buy into; as well as the personal frustrations of a social media-obsessed world. 

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