Kate Woodman

Kate woodman is a photographer and NFT artist whose work puts a surrealist twist on cinematic photography, with each artwork an evocative story being told and bringing people together. With a previous career as a structural preservation engineer, a business trip to investigate earthquake damage in New Zealand turned her hand to photography. Her transferable skillset provokes a sense of balance and attention to detail in her work.

Kate Woodman works in a fine art photography style. Kate’s artistic process often begins with her selecting an interesting scene as a starting point for a concept. She’ll then choose the characters to include in the scene, her choice often driven by the energy and emotions they present. At other times, however, Kate begins her concept with a character and builds the setting around them, anticipating how they will react and adapt to the scene.

Her work draws inspiration from her love of cinematography, the ability to create moments of tension and suspense. She explores fantasy and escapism with a love for classicism that has a modern appeal; great colour and the concept itself being more important to the artist than a particular subject.