Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones is an artist producing graphics for industry-leading skateboarding brands and teaching workshops from a London art gallery. A creative spark that was born from comic books and cartoons, later nurtured on the painted concrete slopes and ramps of Southbank Skatepark, Jeremy Jones is an artist who manages to balance his artistic skills just as successfully as his skateboarding prowess. 

Jeremy Jones works in a Surrealist Graffiti style. Jeremy’s artistic process is driven by his passion for skateboarding, pop culture and graffiti. He works using acrylic paint pens and spray paints, working mostly on canvas boards and building his artworks up in layers, sealing each layer with spray varnish. He’s also no stranger to painting directly on walls. 

His work draws inspiration from the skateboarding scene, various cartoons and comics, lowbrow art and graffiti artists. An early influence on Jeremy’s work was a book called Concrete to Canvas, by Jo Waterhouse.

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