David Sheldrick

David Sheldrick is an NFT artist that made the transition from a fashion photographer to a commercial director and has exhibited internationally on numerous occasions. As an accomplished fashion photographer and commercial director, David Sheldrick has turned his attention to NFTs with a focus on abstraction and using colour to evoke emotion.

David Sheldrick works in an Abstract style. David’s artistic process begins with him focusing on minute details and enlarging the tiny elements into more detailed depictions, developing their movement and colour to drive the emotion of the work. The artist works continuously on his projects over a long period of time, never believing them to be finished which allows them to constantly evolve

His work draws inspiration from the organic movements seen within the minute details of the natural world, focusing on combining the natural forms with the physics of how light shapes and affects the image. David’s work ethic is also influenced by Jackson Pollock, an artist who would frequently revisit his artworks, never viewing them as finished.