Daniela Raytchev

Daniela Raytchev is an artist whose work has supported numerous charities and been supported by many high profile individuals. Using her artwork as a platform to address prominent issues as well as her ideologies and support for various causes, Raytchev boldly questions the position of women within society whilst encouraging equality, and promoting the acceptance and empowerment of victims of discrimination.

Daniela Raytchev works in an Abstract Figurative style. Raytchev’s artistic process often travels beyond just paint on canvas, working with a variety of mixed media at times including charcoal, inks, collage and material construction. At times she also uses her own body for gestural mark-making to help her pieces express that dynamic movement they’re renowned for. 

Her work draws inspiration from her personal life experiences, mental health awareness, neuroscience and the psychological effects of trauma, with positive undertones of the possibility of change.