Chris Antoniou

Christopher Antoniou is an NFT artist with over 20 years of experience working on award-winning VFX films, TV and commercials. Initially training as a traditional artist, Christopher went on to gain a BA (Hons) in animation and a post-graduate degree in animation, which led to an extensive career in several notable productions, working on animation and visual effects.

Christopher Antoniou works in a 3D Digital Animated style. Christopher’s artistic process begins with him turning an idea into a concept that he develops in his sketchbook, a practice reminiscent of his fine art background. Once his concept is developed, he then makes it in clay or digitally using the Zbrush software. Once sculpted, he decides how it will move, adds the necessary joints and then animates it.

His work draws inspiration from his interest in meditation and spirituality, with nature being his main source of inspiration, along with his fascination for movement and observing motion, discovering the beauty of nature and the power of movement.