Björn Persson

Björn Persson is an internationally renowned artist whose work has been exhibited around the world in various galleries, museums and publications. He is the founder of the Here Forever Foundation and the chairman of the Smart Savannahs wildlife foundation. This is a photographic artist whose work clearly reflects his passion and devotion to the wildlife of this planet, he views his work as an art form in its own right and not just wildlife and documentary photography.

Björn Persson works in a wildlife photography style. Persson’s artistic process continues long after his photographs have been taken. His signature style of emotionally charged, cinematic and evocative images is the result of his unique approach to taking his photographs in a range of styles, coupled with his artistic post-production process.

His work draws inspiration from his deep-seated desire to portray wild animals in all their majesty as highly conscious, sentient beings; creatures of beauty, dignity and awareness. An inspiration that is driven by a connection to animals that is both emotional and spiritual.