Space Meerkat

A Challenge

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Medium Prints: Edition of 50 | 60 x 72cm

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Artwork description:

Characters known for their strength and power is the main subject of this artwork. We can observe its relationship with other segments of the piece, one by one. First off, the size of the Pokémon opposed to its environment: it overtakes many of the buildings in height and width. The buildings do not emit light as the Pokémon does, making their only purpose a practical size comparison and atmosphere creation. The next is the character juxtaposed to the human standing before it. The play of power and tension is present in the stance of the characters, showcasing a challenge, but not fear. The Japanese writing holds no meaning in this image and translates to nothing logical as its meaning is not relevant. The purpose of the writing is to perhaps tribute the Japanese culture that brought the world such amazing characters.