Alexander Lee Reagan



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Edition of 24
Medium Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320gsm
Image size 50 x 50 cm
Paper size 50 x 50 cm


A character representing the idiocy in society. The asymmetry of the face is intended to illuminate two opposing parts of the character. The left side is willing to listen, depicted through the large ear of the character, but only to what he deems non offensive i.e. the coloring of the ear meant to represent whatever the character determines as a red flag.

The left eye, likewise, is meant to represent the small vision in which the character has even with an open mind. The right ear, on the other hand, is depicted to represent the braindead side of the character, which has completely closed itself off to adaptation and learning new ideas. The right eye has a giant X in front of it, depicting death of societal evolution and an inability to see or experience new ideas.