Alexander Lee Reagan

Alexander Lee Reagan is an artist and sustainable eco-fashion designer living in Venice Beach, California. Using the self-coined term “controlled chaos” to describe his approach to expressing creativity, Alexander’s work highlights a vast array of textures, different materials and media. His intent is to blur the lines between commercial and fine art whilst representing his views on society in an ever-changing world.

Alexander Lee Reagan works in a Street Graffiti Pop Art style. Alexander’s artistic process is based on an improvised approach to creating that is driven by a spontaneous and impulsive vision. He has gravitated towards working on large-scale mixed media works viewing no medium as off-limits; often using plaster, spray paint, acrylics, cement and steel and often incorporating printed media.

His work draws inspiration from millennial culture and the social-media-based world we live in and is influenced by artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hass Brothers, Robert Rauschenberg, Kaws and Takashi Murakami.