Alexander Lee Reagan

Alexander Lee Reagan is an artist and sustainable eco-fashion designer living in Venice Beach, California. Using the self-coined term “controlled chaos” to describe his approach to expressing creativity, Alexander’s work highlights a vast array of textures, different materials and media. His intent is to blur the lines between commercial and fine art whilst representing his views on society in an ever-changing world.

Alexander Lee Reagan works in a Street Graffiti Pop Art style. Alexander’s artistic process is based on an improvised approach to creating that is driven by a spontaneous and impulsive vision. He has gravitated towards working on large-scale mixed media works viewing no medium as off-limits; often using plaster, spray paint, acrylics, cement and steel and often incorporating printed media.

His work draws inspiration from millennial culture and the social-media-based world we live in and is influenced by artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hass Brothers, Robert Rauschenberg, Kaws and Takashi Murakami.


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Björn Persson

Björn Persson is an internationally renowned artist whose work has been exhibited around the world in various galleries, museums and publications. He is the founder of the Here Forever Foundation and the chairman of the Smart Savannahs wildlife foundation. This is a photographic artist whose work clearly reflects his passion and devotion to the wildlife of this planet, he views his work as an art form in its own right and not just wildlife and documentary photography.

Björn Persson works in a wildlife photography style. Persson’s artistic process continues long after his photographs have been taken. His signature style of emotionally charged, cinematic and evocative images is the result of his unique approach to taking his photographs in a range of styles, coupled with his artistic post-production process.

His work draws inspiration from his deep-seated desire to portray wild animals in all their majesty as highly conscious, sentient beings; creatures of beauty, dignity and awareness. An inspiration that is driven by a connection to animals that is both emotional and spiritual.

Chloe McCarrick

Chloe McCarrick is a contemporary fine art photographer and mixed-media printmaking artist specialising in cyanotype art. Her artwork is regularly exhibited internationally. She’s an artist that uses her work to explore the infinite possibilities and variations of image production and is keen to use modern printmaking techniques with the goal of encouraging the viewer to form an emotional connection with her art. 

Chloe McCarrick works in a Mixed-Media style.McCarrick’s artistic process see her working to develop and create innovative methods of reworking photographic images and reimagining them through collage and mixed-media printmaking techniques, using her subject matter to ignite imaginations and tell stories. 

Her work draws inspiration from female empowerment and an examination of the complex interactions that make up the human experience, connecting it to science and the natural world.

Chris Antoniou

Christopher Antoniou is an NFT artist with over 20 years of experience working on award-winning VFX films, TV and commercials. Initially training as a traditional artist, Christopher went on to gain a BA (Hons) in animation and a post-graduate degree in animation, which led to an extensive career in several notable productions, working on animation and visual effects.

Christopher Antoniou works in a 3D Digital Animated style. Christopher’s artistic process begins with him turning an idea into a concept that he develops in his sketchbook, a practice reminiscent of his fine art background. Once his concept is developed, he then makes it in clay or digitally using the Zbrush software. Once sculpted, he decides how it will move, adds the necessary joints and then animates it.

His work draws inspiration from his interest in meditation and spirituality, with nature being his main source of inspiration, along with his fascination for movement and observing motion, discovering the beauty of nature and the power of movement.

Daniela Raytchev

Daniela Raytchev is an artist whose work has supported numerous charities and been supported by many high profile individuals. Using her artwork as a platform to address prominent issues as well as her ideologies and support for various causes, Raytchev boldly questions the position of women within society whilst encouraging equality, and promoting the acceptance and empowerment of victims of discrimination.

Daniela Raytchev works in an Abstract Figurative style. Raytchev’s artistic process often travels beyond just paint on canvas, working with a variety of mixed media at times including charcoal, inks, collage and material construction. At times she also uses her own body for gestural mark-making to help her pieces express that dynamic movement they’re renowned for. 

Her work draws inspiration from her personal life experiences, mental health awareness, neuroscience and the psychological effects of trauma, with positive undertones of the possibility of change.

David Sheldrick

David Sheldrick is an NFT artist that made the transition from a fashion photographer to a commercial director and has exhibited internationally on numerous occasions. As an accomplished fashion photographer and commercial director, David Sheldrick has turned his attention to NFTs with a focus on abstraction and using colour to evoke emotion.

David Sheldrick works in an Abstract style. David’s artistic process begins with him focusing on minute details and enlarging the tiny elements into more detailed depictions, developing their movement and colour to drive the emotion of the work. The artist works continuously on his projects over a long period of time, never believing them to be finished which allows them to constantly evolve

His work draws inspiration from the organic movements seen within the minute details of the natural world, focusing on combining the natural forms with the physics of how light shapes and affects the image. David’s work ethic is also influenced by Jackson Pollock, an artist who would frequently revisit his artworks, never viewing them as finished.


Gregory Prescott

Gregory Prescott is an artist whose work has successfully embraced both the inner and outer beauty of men and women of diversity, with work exhibited in notable galleries in Los Angeles and New York. As a self-taught photographer, this is an artist who uses his camera as a paintbrush with the mission of diversifying the cultural spectrum of fine art photography and broadening the definition of what is considered beautiful.

Gregory Prescott works in a figurative fine art photography style. Prescott’s artistic process sees him working with live models, directing them and posing them in detail. He works with subjects of different race, gender, sexuality, body, skin, and hair types with the objective of presenting more diversity in fine art photography. His work consists of a vast array of portraits and nudes. 

His work draws inspiration from an intrigue for the beauty of the human form when shot artistically, coupled with a strong desire to overcome the taboo associated with nudity and the human form. His work also draws inspiration from the work of Herb Ritts and Andreas Bitesnich.

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Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones is an artist producing graphics for industry-leading skateboarding brands and teaching workshops from a London art gallery. A creative spark that was born from comic books and cartoons, later nurtured on the painted concrete slopes and ramps of Southbank Skatepark, Jeremy Jones is an artist who manages to balance his artistic skills just as successfully as his skateboarding prowess. 

Jeremy Jones works in a Surrealist Graffiti style. Jeremy’s artistic process is driven by his passion for skateboarding, pop culture and graffiti. He works using acrylic paint pens and spray paints, working mostly on canvas boards and building his artworks up in layers, sealing each layer with spray varnish. He’s also no stranger to painting directly on walls. 

His work draws inspiration from the skateboarding scene, various cartoons and comics, lowbrow art and graffiti artists. An early influence on Jeremy’s work was a book called Concrete to Canvas, by Jo Waterhouse.

Joe Charman

Joe Charman is a London-based artist who made his name on social media as ‘The Skills Guy’ and amassed a viral following of over 2 million followers across social media platforms. From stand-up comedian to social media sensation, to contemporary artist; Joe Charman is no stranger to the limelight and his artwork expresses his unique flair for capturing the attention of an audience and keeping them entertained.

Joe Charman works in a graffiti street art style. Charman’s artistic process often begins with a central element consisting of a nostalgic character from his childhood, set amongst an explosion of bright colours. The artist creates his works using carefully cut stencils and splashes of paint, as well as spray paint, creating a multi-textured image that feels like it’s been lifted directly from a street wall.

His work draws inspiration from 80s and 90s nostalgia, pop culture and street art and he is influenced by artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol; often hiding symbols of these artists beneath the layers of pain in his artworks.

Johnny Popkess

Johnny Popkess is a contemporary figurative artist whose work features in private collections and fine art galleries around the world. From isolated, exotic lands to the centre of a city filled with art and prestigious galleries within walking distance. Johnny Popkess uses his life experiences and inspiration to portray the human form the way it should be seen, in its truest beauty. 

Johnny Popkess works in a Figurative Pop Art style. The artistic process of Popkess encompasses his deep appreciation for beauty in its truest form, free of any illusions. Painting exclusively using the finest hand-blended pigments, mixing them with oils and using stretched linen as a surface; his technique is reminiscent of the old master artists. 

His work draws inspiration from his personal search for true beauty and his fascination with blemished beauty. His work also shows influences from the work of the French painter Gustave Caillebotte.

Kate Woodman

Kate Woodman is a photographer currently based in Portland, Oregon. She was born in Germany and raised in Connecticut. In her photography she tells stories evoking strong emotions and connecting people in a surrealistic interpretation of cinematic photography.

In the new collection Kate Woodman explores the theme of still life manipulating the setting in a contemporary key. She contemplates a personal reflection of the objects in a fresh contemporary resolution. She uses objects belonging to the current society emphasising the new lifestyles.

Kate Woodman uses personal storytelling skills to marry her love for photography and stunning locations with the goal to capture and communicate feelings though the main characters of the images. The artist has a strong passion for history and historical preservation which often reflects in her work. The interesting settings of her photography are often chosen as the starting point for a particular concept. The connection between humans and nature is particularly highlighted in each piece and is fully perceived from the spectator.

Woodman's photography demonstrate love and care the environment, as well as dispositional empathy for nature. This theme provides an extensive definition of human-nature connection as a stable state of consciousness including symbiotic cognitive that reflects a realisation of human correlation with the surrounding nature.
Kate Woodman creative work has been inspired mainly by cinematography, attempting to capture the moments of tension and transition, creating suspense. The feelings, the subjects personalities, and the mystery of the locations are combined to create spectacular scenes with the ability to tell a story and generate a powerful reaction.

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Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela is a contemporary fine art photographer, exhibited on an international basis and noted as 'one to watch' by Saatchi. Working in an original, complex style that balances the intricacies of contemporary fashion and blends with classical art history, Miss Aniela creates artworks reminiscent of the Rococo Revival and the salon paintings of the 18th century. 

Miss Aniela works in a Surreal Fashion style. The artistic process of Miss Aniela sees her depicting contemporary models in reference to the works of the Renaissance and Dutch masters, shot within the historic walls of stately homes.

Using elaborate settings, elegant costumes and traditional motifs, she creates her atmospheric artworks with intricate compositions and evocative lighting. She captures her scenes using photography and then processes them digitally, treating pixels as paint strokes. Her work draws inspiration from classical art history, 18th-century salon paintings and the Rococo Revival style that emerged in Second Empire France.

Mr Nice

Mr Nice is a contemporary mixed media artist located in Los Angeles whose artworks are fast becoming sought-after on the A-list scene. He’s an artist who lives and breathes for creative expression, viewing art as both spontaneous and thought-out, wild and raw, yet somewhat restrained.

Mr Nice works in a Mixed Media Pop Art style. Mr Nice’s artistic process gives him the opportunity to focus, perform and express himself in a way that he relates to his past experiences as a boxer; viewing his studio with the same mindset as he viewed the boxing ring. Lots of his works are created on wooden canvas, using mixed media such as chalk, spray paint, acrylic, neon lights and finished in resin.

His work draws inspiration from many sources including cartoons and games, but also from important issues such as global warming and using his art to raise awareness and push for change.

Mr. Controversial

Mr. Controversial is a London-based artist who uses oil paint and screen printing techniques to transform vintage imagery into a satirical commentary on the digital world. This artist lives up to his creative pseudonym through the controversial nature of his work, calling out and poking fun at the first-world problems obsessed over by the digital generation; from lifestyle choices and fear of gluten to social media fame.  

Mr. Controverisal works in a Pulp Fiction Art style. The artistic process begins with consuming and analysing targeted content; reverse-engineering the success of the internet memes that gain the most traction. Taking data and recreating it as an artwork with a focus on authenticity. Using oil paints, and screen printing, this artist fuses vintage imagery with traditional fine art and relatable captions that tell comical, satirical, and sometimes dark stories. 

His work draws inspiration from exploring the notion of individualism in a politically correct world; also his passion for crafting engaging visual communication, drawing from his experience in the advertising industry, the artist understands the psychology and science behind the things we buy into; as well as the personal frustrations of a social media-obsessed world. 

Nettie Wakefield

Nettie Wakefield is a contemporary fine artist who lives and works between London and LA, exhibiting her artworks internationally. She’s an artist with a solid grounding in art history and a commitment to traditional draughtsmanship, using her art to create perceivable barriers between artist and viewer with subject matters including reverse portraits and social distancing. 

Nettie Wakefield works in a Realism style. Wakefield’s artistic process centres around her dedication to traditional art. Working predominantly using pencil on paper, she observes and focuses intently on her subject, captures its form, then isolates and suspends it within the blank page; emphasising an importance that is usually missed. 

Her work draws inspiration from human transience, the overlooked details of the mundane and the facets of everyday life that are taken for granted.

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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist who worked in numerous media and a variety of styles,   known as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and the co-creator of Cubism. The most well-known name in the modern art world, Picasso is an artist whose distinctive style and innovative drive for artistic creation have had a long-lasting impact on the art world. A prolific artist thought to have made around 50,000 artworks in his lifetime.

Pablo Picasso most notably worked in the style of Cubism. Picasso’s artistic process was both experimental and prolific. He turned his hand to numerous media including painting, sculpture, monotype, etching, linocut, and lithography to name just a few. He constantly and consistently endeavoured to break boundaries and explore new ways of describing form. 

His work drew inspiration from a vast range of sources and these differed throughout the artist’s long life. He cited beautiful women as being his inspiration and another notable influence on Picasso’s work is the African masks and sculptures that led to his co-invention of Cubism.


The Marina Collection 

The lithographs featured in the Zeno Fine Art collection including ‘Femme au Balcon and ‘La Fille De L’Artiste a Deux Ans Et Demie Avec Un Bateau’ form part of the Marina Picasso Estate Collection. These artworks have been hand-printed using a traditional method of multi-plate colouring, under the strict supervision of Marcel Salinas; one of Picasso’s closest creative partners.

The Marina collection is the personal collection of Picasso’s granddaughter, Marina Picasso and it was with her permission that this posthumous edition of prints was published between 1979-82, several years after the artist’s death. The artworks themselves document important women in Picasso’s life, including fellow artist Dora Maar and his beloved daughter, Maya.

Picasso was a firm believer that “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” and he demonstrated this belief clearly by reflecting his models as a whole in his portraits. Picasso used line, form and colour to show his sitter as he perceived them, not just how they looked.

Picasso’s way of seeing the world and his ability to transfer his internal understanding and perceptions onto canvas through paint is a feat of admiration for both the medium and the matter. 

There is brilliance in these portraits, the vibrant and expressive forms give these artworks an energy and life that showcases just how much the Marina Collection is something to take great pride in.

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