The Zeno Fine Art NFT Artist Roundup

The Zeno Fine Art NFT Artist Roundup

When it comes to NFTs at Zeno Fine Art, we live up to our reputation as a pioneering art publishing house, connecting galleries to artists and providing a quality worth collecting. 

In recent months, the Zeno Fine Art publishing house has been steadily building up an exciting new collection of fine art NFTs from a wide range of artists from around the world.

Our mission has been to put together a sensational catalogue of wholesale limited edition NFT art for galleries, trade clients and collectors.

New NFT Artists Added To The Zeno Fine Art Catalogue!

We’re very pleased to announce the addition of 4 new NFT artists to the Zeno Fine Art Catalogue, as well as a new collection of NFT art from Miss Aniela!

Each of these artists explores the surreal possibilities of fine art NFTs in a very unique and expressive way, creating evocative artworks that immediately capture the attention and imagination of the viewer.

Our Zeno Fine Art NFT artist roundup includes:

  • Miss Aniela 
  • David Sheldrick 
  • Kate Woodman 
  • Ricardo Kim 
  • Chris Antoniou 


Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela - She Shoal - Fine Art NFT

Miss Aniela - She Shoal

Miss Aniela is an NFT artist with an established reputation in the art world, having exhibited internationally and been noted as ‘one to watch’ by Saatchi. 

Miss Aniela made her mark in the art industry as a fine art photographer creating artworks reminiscent of the Rococo Revival, a surreal fusion of classical art history and contemporary fashion.

Her artworks are created by posing models within elaborate settings, suggesting narratives through the use of symbols and motifs, and reinforcing it with luxuriously elegant costumes. Miss Aniela’s artworks do more than tell a story, they create an atmosphere and evoke a strong sense of awe.

Miss Aniela - Scarlet Song - Fine Art NFT

Miss Aniela - Scarlet Song

See the full collection of fine art NFTs from Miss Aniela.

David Sheldrick

David Sheldrick - Coloris #1 - Fine Art NFT

David Sheldrick - Coloris #1

David Sheldrick is an NFT artist fascinated by scaling up the tiniest of details in order to explore natural forms and use abstraction and colour to evoke emotion.

By focusing on minute details and enlarging them into highly detailed forms, the artist is able to further develop motion and colour as a way to not only convey emotion but also evoke it. He allows his artworks to grow over time and constantly evolve, never considering a piece truly finished.

Inspired by the organic movements found within the tiniest details of the natural world and how those natural forms react with the physics of light, Sheldrick creates artworks that show how those elements react when combined.


David Sheldrick - Coloris #12 - Fine Art NFT

David Sheldrick - Coloris #12

See the full collection of fine art NFTs from David Sheldrick.


Kate Woodman

Kate Woodman - Running Late - Fine Art NFT

Kate Woodman - Running Late

Kate Woodman is an NFT artist who uses her work to add a surrealist touch to cinematic photography, using storytelling techniques to bring people together through her work.

Working with a heightened sense of balance and attention to detail, the artist puts a lot of thought and planning into every composition, her choices often driven by the energy and emotions presented by her characters and props.

Inspired by cinematography and the ability to create and manipulate an atmosphere, causing moments of tension and suspense; Woodman’s love for classicism and fantasy is explored through a modern lens. 

The artist views her choice of colour and concept as being far more important than a particular subject.


Kate Woodman - Silver And Steel - Fine Art NFT

Kate Woodman - Silver And Steel

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Ricardo Kim

Ricardo Kim - Mourning Step 01 - Denial - Fine Art NFT

Ricardo Kim - Mourning Step 01 - Denial

Ricardo Kim is an NFT artist that has turned his experience as a graphic designer into a tool for creating surreal digital art that playfully questions the concept of identity.

Each artwork begins with a deep consideration of a message to convey in line with the concept of identity. His digital sketches soon evolve into complex visual manipulations that capture to essence of surrealism in a digital format.

Inspired by his own life experiences and childhood memories, Ricardo is often exploring the topic of identity and asking existential questions that he attempts to uncover the answers to through his art.


Ricardo Kim - Mourning Step 04 - Depression - Fine Art NFT

Ricardo Kim - Mourning Step 04 - Depression

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Chris Antoniou

Chris Antoniou - Koi Carp #6 - Fine Art NFT

Chris Antoniou - Koi Carp #6

Chris Antoniou is an NFT artist with a long history of award-winning VFX work and animation experience. The artist has managed to turn his working experience into a self-expressive body of personal artworks.

Antoniou transforms his ideas into concepts that are developed from a traditional sketchbook drawing into fully-fledged 3D digital animations.

Inspired by nature and his passion for spirituality and meditation, Antoniou uses his art to carefully and patiently discover the beauty of the natural world through his fascination for the power of movement and motion.


Chris Antoniou - Koi Carp #20 - Fine Art NFT

Chris Antoniou - Koi Carp #20

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