The Fine Art Cyanotypes Of Chloe McCarrick

The Fine Art Cyanotypes Of Chloe McCarrick

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For this spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at the fine art cyanotypes of Chloe McCarrick.

Who Is Chloe McCarrick?

Chloe McCarrick is a London-based fine artist, photographer and mixed-media printmaker specialising in cyanotype art.

This artist has added a contemporary twist to the traditional methods of photography and printmaking, driven by her curiosity to experiment and her desire for innovation.

McCarrick has regularly exhibited her work internationally, appearing at the prestigious Le Salon Nationale Des Beaux-Art in Paris over the past few years, Affordable Art Fair London and New York, and The Other Art Fair; curated by Saatchi Art, in London and Los Angeles.

She has also exhibited at The InPrint, a celebration of British Contemporary Printmakers and Every Woman Biennial, London.

McCarrick was nominated as a Rising Star both for Saatchi Art - The Other Art Fair and The Crafts Council UK in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The artist also has work held in the permanent heritage collection for Le Salon Des Beaux Arts Foundation in Paris.  

Chloe has become very well known for her cyanotype art that highlights influential women, the natural world, science and technology. 

To learn more, see contemporary artist Chloe McCarrick’s bio.

What Is A Cyanotype?

Cyanotypes are one of the oldest photographic printing processes that produce distinctive cyan-blue prints. 

They are created using a slow-reacting printing formulation that is sensitive to ultraviolet light, when these blue prints emerged, they were traditionally used for the affordable and versatile reproduction of the technical drawings of engineers and architects, for which the term blueprint is still used.

These monochromatic prints result from exposure to ultraviolet light, soon after the discovery of cyanotypes, photographers adopted this process and transformed it into the art form we know it as today.

The Fine Art Cyanotypes Of Chloe McCarrick

Inspired by influential females from history, mythology, the natural world and science; the fine art cyanotypes of Chloe McCarrick allow her to share her inspiration, tell stories and ignite imaginations.

Chloe McCarrick - Lunar Etiquette In Gold

Chloe McCarrick - Lunar Etiquette In Gold - Detail

Lunar Etiquette In Gold

This unique print was made using an original cyanotype of female photographic portraiture and illustrations of the lunar landscape. Inspired by the solidarity of sisterhood and the celebration of friendship; our deep connection and womanhood’s link with the lunar and life cycles.

Chloe McCarrick - Musings In Heaven

Chloe McCarrick - Musings In Heaven - Detail

Musings In Heaven

Created using a hand-cut collage of female photographic portraiture and hand-printed surface textures from chemigrams. A feminine take on the ancient Roman God of new beginnings. Looking to both the past and the future with two faces, it’s a representation of self-reflection, transition, growth and time.

Chloe McCarrick - Amelia The Aviatress At Night

Chloe McCarrick - Amelia The Aviatress At Night - Detail

Amelia The Aviatress At Night

Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic. During an attempt to circumnavigate the globe in 1937, Earhart disappeared. Amelia was a pioneer and an advocate for women's rights during her lifetime. Earhart’s influence on McCarrick has inspired her to create this vivid artwork that demonstrates both her strength and courage.

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Why Are Chloe McCarrick’s Cyanotypes Different?

Each cyanotype created by fine artist Chloe McCarrick is an original, one of a kind artwork that has been exposed using natural light, and developed on handmade paper created using collages, photographic portraiture, photograms and contact prints of natural forms and found objects.

The artist endeavours to capture mother nature within every piece and her work highlights both the struggles and the achievements of history’s influential women, constructing visual narratives that ignite people’s passion and helps them to resonate with the stories behind her subjects.

McCarrick’s process is an exploration of photographic image-making and printmaking techniques, her innovative methods allow her to ignite imaginations through storytelling and use her art as a platform for empowerment.

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The artworks shown in this article are all original artworks taken from our full collection of artworks created by Chloe McCarrick.

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