Miss Aniela - The Fine Art Photography Of Surreal Fashion

Miss Aniela - The Fine Art Photography Of Surreal Fashion

UK-based contemporary artist Miss Aniela has spearheaded the movement of avant-garde fine art photography and created a new genre of fine art that she has called, Surreal Fashion.

Surreal Fashion is where fashion meets fine art, and the classical meets the contemporary, a measured blend of fantasy fused with reality and captivating visual storytelling.



Who Is Miss Aniela?

Natalie Lennard, aka Miss Aniela, is a contemporary artist and fine art photographer who creates artworks depicting contemporary models in opulent clothing, photographed in regal environments with traditional motifs in reference to classical inspirations from the masters of the Renaissance and the Dutch Golden Age.

Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion art collection has become a collectable body of artworks sought after by art collectors all over the world, with works being displayed in a number of luxury venues including the Crillon Hotel in Paris.

On two occasions Miss Aniela has received the honour of being named Saatchi’s ‘One To Watch’, she has exhibited around the world including in the Saatchi Gallery and the Houses of Parliament. 

Miss Aniela has also worked with some iconic commercial clients, created artworks for prestigious restaurants and collaborated with major fashion designer brands, including the Chinese couturier Guo Pei.

You can find out more about Miss Aniela by reading her bio.



Miss Aniela's Fine Art Photography Process

Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion scenes are works of art created from a combination of on-site photoshoots, practical effects and digital post-production work predominantly using Adobe Photoshop.

The artist’s main personal brief is to turn what is essentially a fashion photoshoot into stand-alone fine art pieces.

Each and every shot has a story and is a surreal fusion of fantasy and reality, blending the classical with contemporary, a collection of elements with qualities that complement each other.

Miss Aniela’s creativity, inspiration and curiosity culminated into an intrigue for the depth of history found in the details of stately homes and palatial houses.

Using these settings to frame the beauty of the models, their lavish costumes and the traditional motifs which are usually inspired by classical paintings, became the foundation of a new genre; Surreal Fashion.

The artist emphasises the great importance of showing her models in strong poses, their breath-taking costumes becoming one with the personality of their character and their surrounding environment.



Miss Aniela travels throughout Europe and the USA in her search for the locations she uses which consist of historic British homes and manors, French chateaus and American mansions.

Every spectacular location is carefully selected for the photoshoots and the costumes are always picked to harmonise with the surroundings of the setting, creating a relationship and a connection between fashion and location.



Miss Aniela’s interest in fashion is more aligned to what she feels looks good in front of her camera and fits the scene as opposed to only selecting designer brands. Sometimes the costumes are designer brands and sometimes they’re inexpensive and homemade. Her focus is always on the art, not on names and labels.

The costumes are often ordered from fashion designers and stylists or hired from theatres. Sometimes they’re personalised and adapted by the artist and her team.



With her scenes shot and her photographs selected, Miss Aniela begins the final step of her creative process and gets to work on Photoshop; adding in motifs, symbols and objects, and sometimes compositing pieces from the classical paintings of the Renaissance and Dutch masters; blending between painting and photography.

The motifs and the still life elements of each piece are also carefully arranged by Miss Aniela to work with the compositions she creates, generating a narrative and cultivating a strong sense of the classical whilst still expressing the modernity of her contemporary artwork.



Art from Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion Collection

To get a better sense of the collection, here’s some hand-picked from Art from Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion Collection.


She Shoal

Miss Aniela - She Shoal - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

This impressive and fantastic underwater scene was shot 40 feet under the ocean off the Cayman Islands. This artwork captures the perfect mermaid vision, a woman comfortably at ease, despite being so far below the ocean’s surface, with a magical dress made from more than 20,00 CGI silverside fish.

This testament of Miss Aniela’s creativity brought together the model, the help of a deep-sea diver and a CGI artist to achieve an otherworldly scene of sheer brilliance.


The Fisherman's Daughter

Miss Aniela - The Fisherman's Daughter - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

This scene pulls together elements from other classical paintings, including the huge pile of fish that the character is standing on, taken from Francisco Goya’s Still Life with Gold Bream, painted c. 1808-12; and the scenery outside the window taken from Marcus Larsson’s Ship on a Stormy Ocean, painted in 1852.

We see the character; presumably the fisherman’s daughter, with a mermaid-like resemblance; wearing an ocean blue fishtail dress, that takes on the same blustering characteristics as the stormy ocean outside the window, within which her father has been caught.


Scarlet Song

Miss Aniela - Scarlet Song - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

This artwork presents a seaside scene with the character robed in a billowing dress of a deep red hue; the scarlet dress looks as though it’s bleeding into the sea that she’s standing in, turning the water to a scarlet red.

Pulling inspiration from fine art history and giving a nod to the past, this scene also features some ships in the background taken from Hermanus Koekoek’s Ships in a Fresh Breeze, painted between 1778-1851.

The model was shot in Bel Air, Los Angeles, the coastal landscape from further up the coast in Big Sur, California, and the clouds were shot in Kent, UK.


Away With The Canaries

Miss Aniela - Away With The Canaries - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

The character in this artwork is a red-haired woman wearing a spectacular dress made from bright feathers and yellow tuile. As she graceful glides her way up the spiral staircase, the dress comes to life in the form of numerous yellow canaries, flying away from her and across the space of the huge library room.

The canaries are taken from Jean-Baptiste Greuze’s A Girl with a Canary and Open Cage, painted c. 1765.



Miss Aniela - Castaway - Surreal Fashion - Fine Art Photography

This example of creative amusement plays on words and offers a double meaning to its title. The character is shown as being castaway, stranded and trapped on the canopy bed in a room filled with water, whilst simultaneously casting away a fishing line into the water.

Shot in Belvoir castle and fused with the lake, an unsuspecting mallard swims serenely through the scene of the flooded castle.


What He Bequeathed

Miss Aniela - What He Bequeathed - Fine Art Photography

Fusing fine art with fashion and blurring the lines between the two genres, this artwork takes that objective very literally. A young woman dressed in a gold military jacket and grey, floral skirt with gold accents is standing in front of a fireplace. 

Just above the fireplace is a painting depicting a small boat full of people caught in a storm-raged sea, as the waves violently attempt to overturn the boat in the painting, water is thrown out of the painting itself and into the room in which the character is standing.



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