Joe Charman And The Skills Of Creating Fine Art Graffiti

Joe Charman And The Skills Of Creating Fine Art Graffiti

Rising to fame as ‘The Skills Guy’; performing skilful feats followed by his iconic catchphrase “Yeah I got skills, what you gonna do about it?”; Joe Charman has turned his skills to creating fine art graffiti and has become our latest addition to the Zeno Fine Art catalogue.

To introduce this contemporary artist and social media entertainer properly, we’ve put together this article to take a look at who Joe Charman is, the inspiration and process behind his work, a brief look at a handful of his new artworks as well as how you can add this viral sensation’s artworks to your inventory.

Who Is Joe Charman?

Artist Joe Charman Portrait

Joe Charman is a London-based artist and social media entertainer who made his name online as ‘The Skills Guy’, amassing a viral following of over 2 million followers and an estimated 1.5 billion views across social media platforms. 

From stand-up comedian, and social media sensation, to contemporary artist; Charman is no stranger to the limelight and his artwork expresses his unique flair for capturing the attention of an audience and keeping them entertained.

Initially, Charman kept his art personal but in 2020 he decided to start sharing this side of his creativity with his existing following and soon found viral success with this art. The art he created in Facebook videos on the back of his shed door soon became a part of his brand and recognised on a global basis.

Now fully leaning into his fine art career, Joe Charman specialises in graffiti and street art.

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The Inspiration Behind Joe Charman’s Art

Growing up, Charman had felt like somewhat of an outcast but he went on to make friendships with others who had similar interests such as skateboarding and graffiti. With his friends encouraging him to pursue his creative endeavours, it wasn’t long before his love of skateboarding soon led him to environments filled with stimulating graffiti art that began inspiring and informing his own artistic leanings.

The artist has grown to love the feeling of nostalgia and the community-building aspects of this common feeling shared by a group of people who remember the same time period. He finds inspiration in the way a popular character, brand name, logo or symbol can transport a person back in time, unlocking forgotten memories.

Charman used to enjoy doodling cartoons in the back of his school textbooks, moving onto the skatepark walls before eventually taking his craft onto canvas, viewing his journey as a continuous arch that has naturally progressed over time.

The influence of the 80s and 90s on the artist and his work is immediately apparent, as well as his love for artists such as Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring which encouraged him to become bold with his art style.

Joe Charman’s Artistic Process

Charman likes to go into his artworks intuitively and without too much prior planning. The artist starts with an idea in his head and works to transfer that idea onto the canvas, leading to making quick decisions and hasty changes on the spot. 

He’ll often layer artworks several times, re-arrange and cover up where necessary; disguising and defacing the piece until the artwork tells him it's finished. Charman aims for a composition and colour palette that looks pleasing and where each square foot of canvas could be considered its own isolated painting.

The artist works with a blend of street art techniques, often encompassing many of these individual elements into singular pieces, using a multitude of materials on a single canvas to achieve the final product, which often incorporates a mix of; spray cans, acrylic paints, paint pens, rollers, stencils, oil sticks and paste-ups.

The Fine Art Graffiti Of Joe Charman

Joe Charman’s fine art graffiti artworks often have a central element consisting of a nostalgic character from his childhood, set amongst an explosion of bright colours, symbols and layered text.

Each piece is created using carefully cut stencils and splashes of paint, as well as spray paint, creating a multi-textured image that feels like it’s been lifted directly from a street wall.


Han Shot First

Joe Charman - Han Shot First

"As proud as I am of my entire collection in this series, this piece ranks very high as one of my favourites."

"Star Wars is another movie franchise that goes across the generations and is still continuing to wow kids and adults the world over. I wanted to encapsulate my visual experience when I was first introduced to the original 70s/80s Star Wars franchise in the 90s, specifically the colour pallets associated with the re-release of all the toys. Star Wars almost had a neon quality with its toy packaging in the 90s and I think that largely inspired this piece."

You’re Not The Boss Of Me

Joe Charman - You're Not The Boss Of Me

"I’ve always lived a life akin to Bart Simpson; the boy with a slingshot in his back pocket, the skateboarding rebel… the wanna-be graffiti artist. With nostalgia being a key factor in this collection how could I not include a nod to the world's favoured dysfunctional family."

"With my affinity for the character, Bart had to make a feature in this collection, so I saw no better way than to pay homage to his secret identity as The Bartman."

The Rabbit Hole

Joe Charman - The Rabbit Hole

"I first saw the Matrix when I was 13 and it absolutely changed cinema for me. It was the first film I became obsessed with and watched multiple times before it expanded into one of my all-time favourite movie franchises.

This piece pops with all the intensity of the first film and appears to explode in fragments of iconic moments, quotes, hidden messages, and of course the iconic green code. Just like the film, there is always something new to find within the piece."

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Add Joe Charman’s Fine Art To Your Inventory

The artworks shown in this article are taken from our full collection of artworks created by Joe Charman.

He’s an artist whose work is becoming more and more in demand, there’s no better time than now to add Joe Charman and his fine art to your inventory.

Whether you’re a gallery, trade client, or art collector looking for fine art, we can supply you with the perfect collection of artworks to fit your style and needs. We also provide support and guidance with selecting and curating the perfect artworks for your collection.

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