How Artist Jeremy Jones Turns Surreal Graffiti Into Fine Art

How Artist Jeremy Jones Turns Surreal Graffiti Into Fine Art

The Zeno Fine Art catalogue is filled with an exciting collection of artists from different backgrounds, career stages and working in various styles. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how emerging artist Jeremy Jones turns surreal graffiti into fine art.

We’ll dig into who Jeremy Jones is, his inspiration and artistic process, take a look at a hand-picked selection of his artworks and then show you how you can add this sought after artist’s work to your inventory. 

Who Is Jeremy Jones?

Artist Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones is a London-based graffiti artist who has as much love and dedication for skateboarding as he does for his art, with one driving the other.

It was Jeremy’s interest in skateboarding and graffiti, combined with his love of comics and cartoons that developed into the signature art style he’s becoming known for.

His love of skateboarding has consistently fuelled his practice as an artist; he would experiment with grip tape art and give himself imaginary briefs to invent graphics and artworks for the skate industry; working to emulate the brands he admired.

Once he was old enough to be allowed to travel by train to Waterloo’s Shell Centre and Southbank to visit the skateparks, he would spend his journeys gazing out of the train windows, taking in the multitude of graffiti artworks that enliven the buildings and walls throughout the city of London. 

These views incited the young creative to turn his hand to spray paint.

As he spent more time at Southbank being exposed to the various graffiti artists painting the walls and pillars of the skatepark, he became more and more inspired and influenced by his surroundings.

Because London has places like Southbank that provide legal spaces for graffiti artists to work, Jeremy had the opportunity to practice freely and learn the craft of spraypainting; whilst also still enjoying his skateboarding in the same place.

It wasn’t too long before Jeremy began to excel at his craft and gain a reputation for his art; to the point of offering spray painting and stencil cutting workshops; teaching others how to create graffiti art.

Now, Jeremy Jones is an artist in the Zeno Fine Art catalogue who has gallery representation and several exhibitions to his name; fast becoming more in demand and sought after by collectors.

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The Inspiration And Process Of Artist Jeremy Jones

As previously alluded to, cartoons, comics, graffiti and skateboarding are all huge influences and inspirations behind Jeremy Jones’ artwork. Growing up, Lowbrow art also had a large impact on the artist.

Part of Jones’ signature style is layering iconic familiar pop culture characters on top of surreal, cosmic backgrounds that have abstract sensibilities to them. 

He creates his works using a combination of acrylic paint pens and spray paints, building up each artwork in layers on a canvas board with each layer being sealed with a spray varnish.

Jones is also still inclined to paint directly onto walls and has received private mural commissions from some notable patrons, as well as several private commissions for his canvas artworks.

The Surreal Graffiti Artworks Of Jeremy Jones

Here’s a hand-picked selection of Jeremy Jones artworks, we have a good stock of museum-quality limited edition prints; hand-signed and numbered by the artist as well as a selection of original artworks available.

Jeremy Jones - Slap Happy

Slap Happy

In this artwork, we see the renowned Disney character, Goofy; as he freefalls deep into the unknown. The variation of blue tones almost camouflages the character into the depths of the melancholic blues of the background; bringing you deeper into the canvas with him.

Jeremy Jones - Baked Bunny

Baked Bunny

Here we see one of the most famous cartoon characters of all time, however, he is depicted in a very different mood to his usual self. Intoxicated with melancholy and heavy-eyed; Bugs is weighed down in a fathomless blue cosmos of rich deep blues, and subtle tones of green and pink. 

Jeremy Jones - Cosmic Nap Time

Cosmic Nap Time

A sneak preview into the dreaming world of the Pink Panther; the character we instantly recognise, comfortable and sound asleep in a hammock suspended in outer space. The deep pinks and vibrant blues swirl around the canvas, framing the peaceful character perfectly.

Jeremy Jones - Monday


The contentment of uninterrupted sleep is very apparent here as we see Garfield, nested in the pocket of another dimension. Framed by the swirling hues and tones, this calm character balances the contrast of the atmosphere’s energy and movement captured by the bold mark-making.

Jeremy Jones - Star Gazers

Star Gazers

The stargazers we see in this piece are the familiar characters from the cast of Peanuts, a comic strip created by Charles M Schulz which went on to become a film and tv production with popularised characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

This atmospheric artwork shows the characters trapped in a deep gaze as they stare up into the starry array of the cosmos, the sense of movement very apparent as space seemingly swirls around them.


We have a broad selection of original artworks and limited edition prints from Jeremy Jones.

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Add Jeremy Jones’ Fine Art To Your Inventory

The artworks shown in this article are all taken from our full collection of artworks created by Jeremy Jones.

He’s an artist whose artworks are becoming more and more in demand, there’s no better time than now to add Jeremy Jones and his fine art to your inventory.

Whether you’re a gallery, trade client, or art collector looking for fine art, we can supply you with the perfect collection of artworks to fit your style and needs. We also provide support and guidance with selecting and curating the perfect artworks for your collection.

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