Getting Started With NFTS - As An Art Gallery

Getting Started With NFTS - As An Art Gallery

They've been big news for a while now, and even in their brief history, NFTs have risen to the upper echelons of the art world and as an art gallery, it’s definitely time to begin considering adding NFTs to your inventory.

In this article, as well as advice for getting started with NFTs as an art gallery with a simple 3 step process, we also touch on some important next steps to help you get the most out of your art inventory. 

Steps To Getting Started With NFTs As An Art Gallery

For an art gallery looking to get involved with the fine art NFT marketplace, it doesn’t need to be a daunting task or an overwhelming venture. Our expert NFT consultants have put together a simple 3 step process to get you on your way.

If at any time you’d like help in getting your gallery into the NFT space, please don’t hesitate to speak to our NFT specialists

Step 1. Set Up A Digital Wallet

For the purposes of buying, selling, trading and minting NFTs, you’re going to need a crypto wallet. There are various options when it comes to crypto wallets; at Zeno Fine Art we recommend using MetaMask.

A MetaMask wallet will allow you to store any digital assets that you purchase and connect to any Ethereum-based platform, allowing you to trade with ease.

While there are a number of different crypto wallet services available, MetaMask is an industry leader with well over 21 million active users, operating as a free hot wallet service that can be used as an extension on your web browser or a smartphone app.

If you need help getting this setup; we recently published a handy step-by-step guide for setting up a MetaMask crypto wallet. 


Step 2. Find The NFT Marketplace To Suit Your Needs 

NFT marketplaces are online platforms that allow NFTs to be minted, sold and bought; operating in a similar manner to other online marketplaces. 

As an art gallery, you’ll want to take into consideration both the buying and selling aspects of NFTs when choosing the right platform for your business. 

Each NFT marketplace has its own unique way of curating, listing and displaying the available NFTs; and each platform also has its own pros and cons which are always worth weighing up and considering before settling on a decision. 

Again, our consultants would be more than happy to walk you through it, and we also recently published a list of our top 10 marketplaces for NFT art.


Step 3. Start Adding Fine Art NFTs To Your Inventory 

With your wallet topped up with crypto and an account on the platform that works best for your business; it’s time to start adding fine art NFTs to your inventory.  

There are a few options for acquiring your NFTs:

  • NFT Marketplaces
  • Artists
  • Agencies
  • Other Art Galleries
  • NFT Collectors 

You can also create a trade account with a publishing house like Zeno Fine Art and get exclusive access to NFTs from emerging and established artists at wholesale prices.

What To Do Next As An Art Gallery Getting Started With NFTs

Quite logically, getting started is just the beginning. Here are a few next steps to take for your art business once you’ve got up and running and created an inventory. We’ll soon be expanding these steps in the near future with another article packed with useful tips.

Seek Advice From NFT Experts

Sometimes the best way to navigate unknown or difficult terrain is to seek the help of an experienced guide and NFTs are no exception.

Whilst there is a plethora of information available on NFTs, blockchain technology and all things crypto, it can be a wise move to seek advice from NFT experts.

If at any time your business needs help navigating the NFT space, please don’t hesitate to speak to our NFT consultants.

Curating And Displaying Your Fine Art NFTs

Your chosen NFT platform will help in the decision-making process for how you choose to curate your inventory; some platforms allow for collections to be created housing relevant artworks, which can be extremely helpful if you stock a wide variety of artworks.

You’ll then need to decide how you’ll curate and display your NFTs on your gallery website, and how you’ll curate them for your social media accounts too. 

If you have a physical art gallery space, there are even more considerations to make when curating and displaying your NFTs.

Will your gallery display them physically, perhaps printed, framed and with a scannable QR code on the description plaque? Digital NFT frames are another option for physical display; with this option, any animated NFTs can still be seen in person, in all their glory.

Maybe you’ll choose to display your collection virtually, using augmented reality; blank frames and VR headsets, or strictly in the digital realm of the metaverse.

Another route to consider is the hybrid option, which would give you the best of both worlds and make your art gallery a truly exciting space.

Understand Your New Target Audience

Once you begin trading fine art NFTs, you’ll be ushering in a whole new target audience, this will also give you the opportunity to introduce those strictly collecting NFTs to the fine art market. 

This new community of buyers and collectors will predominantly be made up of a younger, tech-literate clientele who are ready to engage with your gallery.

It’s also important to not lose sight of your existing audience and client base, introduce them to NFTs and help them to understand this new branch of the art market.

Start Promoting Your Fine Art NFTs

Now that you’re gallery has started trading NFTs, you need to start promoting them and letting people know where they can find their next purchase!

Whether that’s through exhibitions, art shows, social media or email, it’s important to let people know.

Are You Looking For Fine Art NFTs At Wholesale Prices?

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Our fine art consultants are trained experts in non-fungible tokens and experienced in navigating blockchain technology.

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Featured artwork: Kate Woodman - Virtue And Vice