Bjorn Persson - Turning Wildlife Photography Into Fine Art

Bjorn Persson - Turning Wildlife Photography Into Fine Art

Bjorn Persson is an artist whose art is a clear reflection of his passion and devotion to wildlife and using his creativity as a platform for raising awareness and bridging the gap between humans and animals, portraying wildlife in a way that taps into human emotion and highlights the sentience and richness of animal life.

Turning wildlife photography into fine art, the Bjorn Persson collection of artwork isn't to be mistaken for the wildlife photography that we’re used to seeing in abundance, each and every piece captures a special moment and is packed with emotion.

Who Is Bjorn Persson?

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Bjorn Persson is an artist who spends a lot of his time travelling around the world with his camera at the ready to capture the souls of the wildlife he meets on his journeys. 

His attachment and adoration for wildlife really took root when he trained in field care and worked alongside anti-poaching teams in South Africa. It was through this training and work that Bjorn learned how critical the situation was with wildlife and this prompted him to take action and push for change.

In the many years since, Bjorn has dedicated his life to raising awareness of endangered wildlife and his fine art photography has become a huge platform for doing so.

In the act of speaking out against and fighting back against wildlife poachers, Bjorn has managed to raise and donate substantial amounts of money towards wildlife conservation efforts.

He is also the founder of the Here Forever Foundation and the chairman of the Smart Savannahs wildlife foundation.

The Process And Inspiration Behind The Art

Bjorn’s process doesn’t end with the closing of the camera’s shutter, in fact, it continues long after.

He has created a post-production signature style that charges each and every piece with emotion and power, cinematic renderings that transform wildlife documentary photography into evocative works of art that capture a story, and a feeling.

The inspiration behind the art comes from Bjorn’s deeply entrenched inclination to capture the majesty and splendour of wild animals, portraying them as highly conscious and sentient, dignified, aware, beautiful and powerful. 

Bjorn’s inspiration is driven by the spiritual connection that he feels with the animals he immortalises within the frame.

The Message Behind The Art

The more a person learns about the state of affairs and the threats that many species of wildlife are facing, there can be a lot of despair to be felt. Bjorn creates his art in a way that inspires people to engage and resonate on a highly emotional level, but without causing despair.

His belief is that for true change to take place and the planet to begin healing, that change needs to begin in the hearts of humankind. By portraying the majesty and beauty of wildlife, Bjorn hopes to encourage a large-scale social commitment to make the changes that are necessary in order to bring about a better world.

Limited-Edition Prints From The Bjorn Persson Collection

To get a better sense of the work that Bjorn creates, here are some hand-picked pieces of art from the Bjorn Persson collection.


Rhino Land

Captured on the planes of Ol Pejeta, this portrait of a southern white rhino aims to tap into the tranquil and gentle nature of these animals, stirring feelings of empathy in order to motivate people to stand against the poaching of these beautiful creatures.

Marine, the female rhino portrayed in this piece, has one of the largest rhino horns in the world and this artwork acts as a message to express that the value of her precious life far outweighs the market value of her horn. 


Guided By The Light

Bjorn Persson - Guided By The Light - Limited Edition Print

This artwork highlights Bjorn’s ability to capture the rich emotion magnificence and emotion of these animals without having to be in close proximity to the herd. This wide view of the landscape of Masai Mara in Kenya, with the giraffe herd travelling across the horizon, gives context to the piece as a whole. 

Bjorn focuses on the importance of capturing the animals within their surroundings as part of the environment, the movements of an entire herd of giraffes through a silent and serene landscape.



Bjorn Persson - Close - Limited Edition Print

As an artist always looking to capture a scene packed with emotion, in this instance, Bjorn’s patience was rewarded as he captured an emotional moment shared between four zebras in the Masai Mara region of Kenya.

In contrast to the many wildlife photographs that focus on the predatory nature of wildlife and particularly so on the African continent, Bjorn looks to capture the slow and gentle moments that are shared by these animals, and the rich social lives these animals share together.


Lion's Soul

Bjorn Persson - Lion's Soul - Limited Edition Print

Another piece that was captured in the Masai Mara region of Kenya, Lion’s Soul portrays a female lioness focusing intently upon the vast landscape ahead of her, leaving the viewer to wonder what she has seen, or is hoping to see.

Not wanting his art to simply be photographs of animals in the wild, Bjorn actively seeks out the special moments that stand out, such as in this piece. The intensity of the soulful look of the lioness draws the viewer in the observe her close, and spark curiosity.


Circle Of Life

Bjorn Persson - Circle Of Life - Limited Edition Print

This artwork captures the intimate nature seen amongst elephants, the scene depicting a small herd moving together in a circular formation.

The significance of this type of formation is proven by the necessity for it. The elephants use it to keep one another protected by having a 360° view of the surroundings, sheltered against the threat of predators.

Wholesale Bjorn Persson Limited Edition Art Prints

The artworks shown in this article were just a handful of pieces taken from our full collection of limited edition art prints from Bjorn Persson.

Bjorn Persson is an established artist whose artworks are becoming more and more in demand, there’s no better time than now to add Bjorn Persson and his wildlife fine art photography to your inventory.

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