5 Artists Every Art Gallery Should Know About

5 Artists Every Art Gallery Should Know About

One of the difficulties for an art gallery looking for artists and artworks to add to their inventory is choosing the right artists for their space. To give you a helping hand in finding the right fine art for your business, we’ve put together a shortlist of artists every art gallery should know about.

5 Artists Every Art Gallery Should Know About

The artists that we’ve shortlisted here cover a range of budgets and vary in career stage, each one has built a following, has experience exhibiting their art and has also captured the attention of other art businesses and collectors.

The 5 artists every gallery should know about are:

  • Miss Aniela
  • Stuart McAlpine Miller
  • Nettie Wakefield
  • Jeremy Jones
  • Bjorn Persson

Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela - Fall Gown - Limited Edition Print

Miss Aniela - Fall Gown

Miss Aniela established her reputation with her unique fine art photography and is now also a much sought after artist in the NFT art space.

Miss Aniela has exhibited internationally and was also noted as ‘One To Watch’ by Saatchi Art on two occasions.

This artist creates works that are a fusion of classical art history and contemporary fashion, resulting in a style she has termed Surreal Fashion.

To create the fine art photography of Surreal Fashion, Miss Aniela orchestrates editorial style shoots, capturing models dressed in elegant costumes; often shot in landmark locations or mansions and manors across the globe. Her scenes are filled with traditional motifs and symbols, evocatively lit and her compositions are always intricate.

Once the photographs are shot, the artist then gets stuck into the digital post-production process; working the pixels like paint strokes and adding in the surreal elements of the artworks.

Miss Aniela - Bloom Face - Limited Edition Print

Miss Aniela - Bloom Face


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Stuart McAlpine Miller

Stuart McAlpine Miller - A Complex Nature - Limited Edition Print

Stuart McAlpine Miller - A Complex Nature

Stuart McAlpine Miller is an established artist who is well known for his released art collections and successful exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.

This artist became further grounded in history thanks to his artist-in-residence period at The Savoy Hotel in London. The collection that resulted from his stay there is held on permanent display in the iconic Thames Foyer.

He recently received a lot of press attention for his newly released collection of Harry Potter artworks inspired by the Wizarding World.

McAlpine Miller creates distorted portraiture that begins with oil paint on canvas before being layered up with letters and symbols that relate to the theme of each respective piece. The artist then scans the paintings and manipulates them digitally to serve as a remastered foundation to further work on, building up his final kaleidoscopic layer.

The resulting abstracted portraits contain a powerful narrative and clearly demonstrate the signature style of an artist in high demand who continuously captures the attention of art galleries and collectors alike.

Stuart McAlpine Miller - Spellbound In Motion - Limited Edition Print

Stuart McAlpine Miller - Spellbound In Motion


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Nettie Wakefield

Nettie Wakefield - Double Decker - Limited Edition Print

Nettie Wakefield - Double Decker

 Contemporary artist Nettie Wakefield has become very well known in the art world and has a good amount of experience exhibiting internationally. 

Wakefield has a solid grounding in art history and traditional draughtsmanship and she uses her art to add meaning and emphasis to the often-overlooked details of the mundane.

This artist’s realistic representations of facets of everyday objects capture a sense of beauty and importance that would otherwise be easily missed. She works mostly with pencils and incorporates watercolours into her artworks at times.

A key element of Wakefield’s signature style is the way she isolates and suspends her subjects within the blank space of the page.

Nettie Wakefield is an emerging to established artist that has built a considerable following through her work and has the attention of art galleries and collectors around the world.

Nettie Wakefield - Skittles - Limited Edition Print

Nettie Wakefield - Skittles

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Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones - Homepool - Limited Edition Print

Jeremy Jones - Homepool

 Jeremy Jones began his creative journey on the concrete slopes and ramps of Southbank Skatepark. Jones has already established himself in that industry both for his skateboarding prowess and as an artist who creates graphics for industry-leading skateboard brands.

Recently, the art world has witnessed how Jeremy Jones turns surreal graffiti into fine art and has been making a name for himself in the fine art market with his works appearing in a growing number of exhibitions and collections.

Jones creates his artworks using acrylic paint pens and spray paints, building up a series of layers onto canvas board, sealing each with spray varnish. His signature style consists of an abstract, cosmic-looking background with notable characters from comics and cartoons placed within the scene.

Jeremy Jones - Jet Setter - Limited Edition Print

Jeremy Jones - Jet Setter

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Bjorn Persson

Bjorn Persson - Lion's Soul - Limited Edition Print

Bjorn Persson - Lion's Soul

Bjorn Persson is an artist who has an international following and his work has been exhibited in numerous galleries, museums and publications.

Bjorn Persson turns wildlife photography into fine art by bringing more to the craft than just a documentary-style image. This artist’s work clearly reflects his devotion to wildlife and his passion for his subjects.

Once he’s captured his photographs, Persson takes them into a digital post-production process wherein he adds layers of personalisation to each artwork. His art is known for being emotionally charged, cinematic and evocative.

Persson has a reputation for portraying wild African animals in a way that highlights their dignity and gives them an air of sentience; emphasising an emotional connection to animals that has a spiritual quality to it. 

With artworks in galleries and collections around the world, this is an artist whose work has proven to be in demand.

Bjorn Persson - The Emperor - Limited Edition Print

Bjorn Persson - The Emperor 

See the full collection of Bjorn Persson artworks.

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The artists featured in this article have proven to be in high demand for both galleries and collectors alike, there’s no better time than now to add these artists to your inventory.

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