3 Artists To Watch Out For This Spring

3 Artists To Watch Out For This Spring

With the new season upon us, it felt like high time for the Zeno Fine Art consultants to round up our 3 artists to watch out for this Spring.

We’ll take a brief look at the bios, artworks and upcoming news for each Miss Aniela, Nettie Wakefield, and Stuart McAlpine Miller; all of whom are investment-grade artists with artworks sought after by collectors and investors alike.

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Miss Aniela

Contemporary Artist Miss Aniela


Who Is Miss Aniela?

Working in a unique and recognisable style that infuses contemporary fashion with classical art history, Miss Aniela is an artist that creates artworks evocative of the Rococo Revival.

Miss Aniela works with a combination of intricate, carefully arranged settings; usually within the walls of stately homes, gracefully stylish costumes, traditional motifs and redolent lighting.

The artworks she creates are atmospheric, cinematic and otherworldly whilst always calling to mind the flawless attributes of the 18th-century salon paintings.

Her Surreal Fashion collection has proven to be a great success and is sought after by art collectors and investors around the world. Miss Aniela’s work has also been displayed in luxury venues including the Crillon Hotel in Paris and the Paradise Resort in Korea.

Miss Aniela has exhibited her work internationally and worked with a variety of big brand commercial clients; she has also had some interesting collaborations including her work with the renowned Chinese fashion designer, Guo Pei. 

Learn more about Miss Aniela.

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Miss Aniela - The Weight Of Gold

The Weight Of Gold

This opulent scene depicts four women in long, flowing golden skirts and peekaboo tops, standing gracefully in a luxuriously gilded hallway. The posture of each character is slightly different and the main character in the scene is holding golden scales at different levels, perhaps implying an imbalance, in defiance of the perfectly balanced poses of the others.

Miss Aniela works up a masterful fusion of contemporary fashion and classical art history, this marvellously detailed scene and composition is a testament to the artist's skill.


Miss Aniela - The Locket Tree

The Locket Tree

This artwork is another of Miss Aniela’s famed collaborations with the renowned Chinese couturier Guo Pei. This piece shines a well-deserved spotlight on the famous gold boat dress.

The model for this artwork is dressed in the voluminous dress, which is a work of art in itself, and placed against a pure black background, framed by golden branches and brambles in a manner suggestive of a locket; hence the title; The Locket Tree.


Miss Aniela - Origami Girl

Origami Girl

Origami Girl is an astounding example of what Miss Aniela is able to achieve even when working with a limited palette, this nocturne artwork was shot in Aynhoe Park, England.

The scene depicts a young woman in a fantastically well-crafted dress, flowing and fluid yet simultaneously solid, full of folds and paper-like. The character holds up an origami bird made of carefully folded paper, whilst more of the same magically fly overhead, bringing more life to this moonlit scene.

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Upcoming News

Miss Aniela is currently working on a new collection whilst also adding more artworks to her existing collections, such as the ‘Surreal Fashion’ series she has created.

We can also expect to see more exhibitions from this artist, as well as an exciting array of NFT artworks.

Nettie Wakefield

Contemporary Artist Nettie Wakefield

Who Is Nettie Wakefield?

An artist with an impressive knowledge of art history and a dedication to traditional draughtsmanship, Nettie Wakefield creates art that has a focused sense of realism.

Nettie Wakefield works mostly with graphite pencil, but also occasionally with watercolours, intently focusing on her subject, capturing its form and suspending it in the isolated space of the paper.

The artworks she creates are realistic, shining a spotlight on the overlooked details of the mundane or unimportant, whilst simultaneously commenting on consumerism.

The artist's works have been sought after by a variety of collectors and investors and there are even a number of celebrities that own artworks she created, including Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Damien Hirst.

Nettie Wakefield has exhibited her work internationally and worked on several notable collaborations with big brands, including KODAK and Jigsaw. Nettie was also commissioned by renowned chef Mark Hix to illustrate his anecdotal cookbook ‘Hooked’. This year has already seen Nettie’s newly launched fashion collaboration ‘Ocean Trash’ with POAN (Peoples Of All Nations).  

Learn more about Nettie Wakefield.

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Nettie Wakefield - Yas Queen
Yas Queen

This pencil sketch of an empty milkshake bottle and a crumpled up Queen of Hearts playing card is a play on words as much as a comment on trash and consumerism. The level of technical ability achieved by the artist in this piece showcases her aptitude for realism.

Preferring to work with pencil, Nettie says: “There is no hiding with pencil. Many artists use pencil as their preliminary sketches, but I like it as the end result.”

Nettie Wakefield - Stereotype


Through her Lego series, Nettie Wakefield depicted several characters each with a different persona and identity which is evident from their appearance. In this case with ‘Stereotype’, she has depicted the stereotypical appearance of an artist, by means of a Lego character.

Originally created using both pencil and watercolours, this artwork is another great example of the artist’s skill in depicting realistic subjects using traditional media.

Nettie Wakefield - American Spirit

American Spirit

Another piece from Nettie’s Trash series, American Spirit shows the illustration of a discarded cigarette packet, depicted using pencil and watercolours, traditional media that are favourites of this contemporary artist. 

As with other artworks in the series, this piece is an examination of the vestige of life lived, a work of art created from what would be considered, trash. There could also be undertones of a commentary on consumerism and a deeper meaning to this crumpled, empty cigarette packet.

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Upcoming News

Nettie Wakefield never ceases to amaze with her well-thought-out collaborations and we can be sure to expect some new artworks from this artist in the near future.

Stuart McAlpine Miller

Contemporary Artist Stuart McAlpine Miller


Who Is Stuart McAlpine Miller?

From the renovated attic studio inside an alluringly historic castle, contemporary artist Stuart McAlpine Miller creates multi-layered abstract imagery with distorted portraits in a Pop Art style. 

Stuart McAlpine Miller blends the traditional art form with the digital, manipulating his oil painted portraits with transparent illusion, text and symbols finished with a kaleidoscopic display of light and colour.

The artworks he creates are enchanting investigations of personality and character, each one delivering a compelling narrative that explores the darker themes of a story.

This artist has released numerous successful art collections, one of his most-known collections being the result of his artist-in-residency at The Savoy Hotel in London; ‘A Time For Reflection: The Savoy Suite’, which is held on permanent exhibition in the iconic Thames Foyer.

Stuart McAlpine Miller has exhibited around the world in prestigious galleries in major cities including New York, London and Hong Kong; he’s an artist that gets a lot of press attention and is continuously attracting the attention of art galleries, collectors and investors. 

Learn more about Stuart McAlpine Miller.

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Stuart McAlpine Miller - Towards A Powerful Conclusion

Towards A Powerful Conclusion

The imagery in this artwork is suggestive of an as yet unimagined future for the iconic trio of characters from the Wizarding World. Undefined but already waiting for its arrival, a new era lies ahead.

The maze of kaleidoscopic colour and light, as well as the geometric tessellation in the background, exemplify the power of three. This theme is further enforced by the repeated use of triangular patterns that emphasize their resolute configuration as a trio.

Stuart McAlpine Miller - The Tower

The Tower

In this artwork, Harry Potter’s school uniform takes on the guise of armour, inspired by the sense of safety the school of Hogwarts afford him, preparing him for the upcoming battles and the war that lies ahead. This piece is another example of how Stuart McAlpine Miller highlights the coexistence of good and evil.

The title is suggestive of a tower of strength and that theme is reinforced by the central composition of the painting. Harry holds his wand close to his chest and gestures as though it’s a talisman. Symbolic of his birthright and connection to Lord Voldemort, Harry’s wand is both a blessing and a curse. 


Stuart McAlpine Miller - Hypnotic Reveal

Hypnotic Reveal

This portrait of Professor Severus Snape commands our immediate respect due to his dark and mysterious nature, captured flawlessly in this artwork. His two wands are symbolic of his double-life, and his appearance as the archetypal villain, while in fact being the consummate hero.

The different guises of Harry Potter transparently overlaying Snape’s central figure, make reference to the layers of the character’s personality; Snape fulfilling the role of guardian and protector, despite his cold exterior. 

The artist also uses light to create a cross shape behind Snape, this combined with the stylised angular light around his head carries connotations of religious iconography, specifically the ultimate sacrifice, martyrdom.

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Upcoming News

As well as an upcoming solo exhibition in South Kensington, London, we have Stuart McAlpine Miller’s new collection - Revelations: A Portrait Of Magic - set to release on April 14th.

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The artists and artworks showcased in this article are just a handful taken from our full collection of artists, original art and limited edition prints.

The 3 artists to watch out for this Spring are all investment-grade artists whose artworks are becoming more in demand and sought after by collectors and investors alike. There’s no better time than now to add the works of Miss Aniela, Nettie Wakefield and Stuart McAlpine Miller to your inventory. 

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Featured Artwork: Miss Aniela - Tusk (Cropped)